Cold Pressed Juice vs Regular Juice Comparison [2021]

Comparing Cold Pressed Juice vs Regular Juice

Juice has been marketed in supermarkets, hawker centers, and juice bars, however with all these choices to choose from, how can you opt for the best one for you?

Not many juices are healthy and nutritious – it is based upon the ingredients and production process – they could be normal juice or even cold-pressed juice. Keep reading to learn which juice you should use and why, and determine which juice is better for you between Cold Pressed Juice and Regular Juice!

Cold-pressed juice

Cold-pressed juice

Cold-pressed juices have been created quite literally, using pressure to extract and press the most quantity of juice out of fresh vegetables and fruits. Without oxygen and heat in the procedure, no nutrients are lost or ruined, unlike in routine centrifugal juicers. Therefore, the cold-press process can reportedly help retain more nutrients out of its ingredients when compared with regular juices.

Cold-pressed juices also contain greater juice concentration since they’re generally made solely from vegetables and fruits, unlike those in the shops, which have been diluted or contain additives.

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*Cold Pressed Juice Recipe

Palatable Cold Pressed Beet Juice

Ingredients required:

  • 3 peeled beets
  • 1 plus 1/2 cup of sliced celery
  • 1 cup of sliced carrots
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 apple

you need to have a blender; a top power grinder is preferable, and to get one serving, half the ingredients above should be used. Blend all of the above ingredients for juice with half a cup of water till the mixture becomes smooth and supple.

A good deal of pulp is going to be produced, so it’s possible to use a good strainer or a finely meshed sieve using a bowl under to maintain the juice to strain the whole pulp from the juice and also if the entire juice isn’t extracted correctly you can use your hands to squeeze the juice out from the pulp since there’ll be a good deal of it.

Beetroot cold-pressed juice a healthful fruit beverage for detox.

If needed, you’ll be able to double pressure the juice by adding some water to aid in the straining process. The Juice is focused, which means you add one massive glass with ice cubes inside. The juice will probably be a bit dilute, and if the ice cubes begin melting in the juice, also it may be refrigerated for two weeks. That means it is possible to appreciate more than the beverage gets cooler.

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Regular Juice

Regular Juice

Frequent juices are extracted in the regular juicing machine we’ve got in the home, which separates the juice from the veggies together with all the fast-spinning blades inside. The juice then goes through a net filter and may be accumulated for later.

Regular juices are incredibly great for experimentation and to get instant consumption. It’s also cheaper and quicker than cold-pressed juicers. But as the spinning from the juicer sheds a lot of essential nutrients. Additionally, you can’t keep it for long since it’s likely to smoke and changes in preferences. The cell walls of this juice begin breaking down after a time. Normal juicing is excellent for men and women that maintain their fridge stocked with veggies and fruits.

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Cold Pressed Juice vs Regular Juice

The vital difference between cold-pressed juice regular juice is the way they’re made.

Many supermarket juices have been made by centrifugal juicing, which entails various blades cutting and breaking down vegetables and fruits. Even though it’s a compelling and popular way of juicing, the warmth produced by the blades may cause the crops to oxidize, resulting in a reduction of nutrients.

On the flip side, slower juicing techniques like cold press can help side-step this impact of warmth.

Cold-pressed flashlights utilize a hydraulic press to draw the juice out. The fruit is pressed and smashed, with little warmth, to extract the juice and make a far more nutrient-rich drink.


In summary, cold-pressed juices divide the essential enzymes from the fruits and veggies because the procedure can create heat, thus destroying the nutrients the fruit takes. On the flip side, cold-pressed juices can keep essential vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients! Consequently, if you do not need to skimp off nourishment and flavor, then hands-down cold press juice is a definite winner!


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