Convection Oven Vs Microwave: Which Is Better? [2021]

While picking an oven, prospective buyers often confuse all the versions, convection oven, and microwave oven. This article on Convection Oven Vs Microwave comparison can explain these kitchen appliances in detail.

With the improvement of technologies, new kitchen appliances have been introduced to the attention of homeowners. A helpful device worth mentioning is that the microwave oven, which has been released in the 1940s. Since that time, it has come to be a standard appliance in almost all contemporary kitchens. A tool with more added features compared to the microwave oven would be that the convection type. Before coming into the subject of our conversation, convection vs. microwave, let us look at every one of these versions.

Convection Oven Overview

Convection Oven Overview

Convection ovens since they now first come to the market in 1967, so contrary to what many users tend to presume, they’re not a new technology, and it’s merely that they’ve been gaining more significant popularity in the past couple of decades.

These ovens are similar to traditional or conventional ovens since they also comprise two heating components, with one in the base and another in the top.

But aside from the heating components, these ovens may also come equipped with a few highly effective fans made to help circulate the heated air across the appliance and about the meals to ensure quicker and more even cooking.

Contrary to the microwave oven, these appliances won’t have cold or hot spots and make sure your food not just cooks quicker but also much more evenly.

Additionally, these ovens are convenient once you wish to do some slow cooking since they permit you to adjust the temperature with higher precision. And even better, they’ll also let you cook more than one food type in a try.

Since these ovens cook very quickly, you won’t have to keep them operating for much like when using the traditional types, and this also makes them more energy efficient.

But while the lovers make them more effective, the powerful gust can destroy a few food types. Additionally, given the inclusion of lovers, these appliances tend to be somewhat more brittle and will consequently require a little additional care.


  • No hot or cold spots
  • Cooks foods faster and evenly.
  • Allows for low-temperature cooking
  • Can cook more than one dish at a time


  • The fan can ruin foods like soufflés
  • Relatively more fragile appliance

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Microwave Oven Overview

Microwave Oven Overview

The microwave oven was used in the 1930s. However, it just became accessible for the national users in the late 1960s. The technology has improved tremendously to create these appliances with some of their very efficient on the market.

The microwave oven may utilize a very different approach to cook meals. Unlike convection and conventional ovens, they won’t cook with heat from conventional heating elements.

Instead, microwaves will cook with electromagnetic waves generated by a magnetron built-in on the device. Plus, it’ll function by inducing the water molecules from the meals to vibrate, which then produces warmth.

These ovens are famous for their super-fast heating as meals, which will take a couple of minutes to heat in standard ovens should be hot enough at the microwave seconds. Even better, when cooking with the microwave, there’ll be fewer chances of burning off food.

Many users will also love this microwaves will provide a cleaner and more hygienic technique for cooking meals since they are super easy to clean after use. And you’ll also discover their layout and works more user-friendly as everyone can use one effectively.

However, for those interested in finding an oven that may brown and crisp food or desire something that could cook bigger food batches in a move, microwaves may not be that helpful since they don’t work well in these regions.


  • Super-fast food heats up.
  • Great for defrosting food
  • Low likelihood of burning food
  • More user-friendly design/functions
  • Cleaner and more hygienic cooking


  • Unable to crisp foods to make them toasty
  • Not ideal for heating or cooking large food batches
  • Hard to make foods heat up evenly

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Difference Between Convection Oven Vs Microwave

Difference Between Convection and Microwave Oven

There are various additional differences I’ve found while hunting. So, I made it easy for you to know readily. Check out this ( click here)

Machine Installation

Though these are at the rectangle shape, the components inside are distinct.

However, the microwave oven includes a magnetron to produce microwaves. This waveguide helps the waves pass in the magnetron into the internal container, a stirrer to disperse the microwaves, along with a turn-able plate to rotate the meals for even heat disperse.

The convection oven includes heating elements on the cooking room’s top and bottom and a lover and a grill.

Heating Process

It’s the principal process in an oven to be considered while cooking. The process of heating system can also be distinct.

Heating process in Microwave oven

From the microwave oven, the magnetron is the vacuum tube that produces microwaves.

The pass of power moves the electrons to oscillating electrons using a frequency equal to the microwaves’ frequency. Therefore, the production of microwaves occurs.

The produced microwaves subsequently enter the cooking room, passing through the waveguide.

A fan-like stirrer is found in the cooking room’s peak, allowing the microwaves to disperse both insides.

Spreader microwaves represent the cooking room walls by the waves representing material coating and bounce back a few times.

The to and froth movement of microwaves subsequently enters the food, which comprises water molecules. The dielectric character of water molecules become vibrated the microwave’s results and penetration from the warmth formation.

The turn-able plate in the cooking room base assists the meals in rotating and has cooked equally.

Heating process in Convection Oven:

The Convectional oven heats the food by heating components. The heating element will get heat upward by converting the electrical energy into heat energy.

Thus, the heating element’s heat converts the standard atmosphere into a hot atmosphere in the cooking room.

The warm air is circulated together with the fan fixed in the middle of the oven’s back. And also creates the sexy flashes disperse evenly in the room.

Thus, food stored on the trays at the convection oven heating up.

Time Requires for Cooking

The timing requires for cooking is always is dependent on the size, like dimensions, the depth of food. Nevertheless, it is not the issue to consider the cooking period except to have a look at the food if it’s equally cooked or not.

The ingestion of meals begins in the interior layers from the microwave oven and then moves to the outer layers. The food is initially cooked by the exterior layer in the convection oven and then moves to the meals’ interior.

But if you would like to cook meals with the same dimensions and thickness afterward, a microwave oven requires less time than this convection oven.

Cooking Uses


It’s the frequent thing people expect from an oven to perform. If you’re in a rush, you need to choose a microwave oven for your reheating purpose.

Since the microwaves vibrate the water molecules at the food for approximately a thousand times per second, the heating system is quickly in a microwave oven compared with your convection oven.

Grill and Bake

If you would like to produce dishes by baking and grilling afterward convection oven is the greatest. Since the heating process begins from the outer surface, it creates the meals clear, broil, from outside and moist inside.

A few additional microwaves are using the convection cooking choice. Thus, do check before purchasing an oven to get a grill, bake, and a broil alternative by convection technique.


Defrosting is currently becoming a frequent thing before eating food. Thus, for people who need a fast defrost, then you want to go to get a microwave oven since the convection oven doesn’t include this option.

Energy consumption

The microwave oven consumes less electricity than convection ovens if it comes to the budget of energy consumption.

The quantity of energy consumed from the microwave oven might fluctuate based upon the versions. However, selecting a microwave oven’s energy consumption is about 500-1800 watts, whereas a convection oven’s energy consumption is roughly 2,500 to 5,000 watts.


It also matters for those men and women that are just about to wash out the hectic minor places from the oven.

From the convection oven, it’s relatively tricky to wash than a microwave oven due to heating components.

We will need to wash out the convection oven just when the warmth of the heating components decreased. It also has the trays together with the grills that take a while to simple.

However, this microwave oven cleaning doesn’t demand much time and labor since oven walls have a smooth end. It only needs a moist towel and cleanser.

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An oven is just one of these must-have appliances in the home, but it’s also vital to make the ideal kind since they arrive in various choices, which will be excellent for various applications.

When it comes to deciding between the convection and microwave oven, you may have to be on the lookout for their center differences in features and performance to ascertain your specific circumstance.

That said, the microwave oven is going to be a fantastic buy if you’re searching for something to heat and clean meals quickly. The convection oven is ideal for anyone searching for an excellent all-round kitchen appliance that will be useful for cooking, baking, grilling, and many other cooking methods.

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