Convection Oven Vs Toaster Oven: Which Is The Best? [2021]

Convection Oven Vs Toaster Oven

Do not you love trying to find new additions to the kitchen? I recall the very first time that I purchased my very first microwave. Though it’s only a straightforward kitchen appliance, there is nothing about getting new things for your kitchen, making you need to cook more and stay longer in the kitchen.

Ever since I purchased my first microwave, I’ve discovered the need to incorporate more appliances into my kitchen to cook with more choices. The moment came when I needed something which may do more than what your regular microwave can. Since if soI chose to search for a new appliance I can cook meals with.

In my endeavor to search for yet another helpful appliance for the kitchen, I have discovered that both of the best alternatives to go with is a convection oven vs toaster oven. I didn’t know the difference between both back then, but after a small bit of study, I figured out exactly what they are for.

If you also would love to acquire a new appliance for the kitchen, but can not decide whether you need to find a convection oven or a toaster oven, then I invite you to read on. This brief article will comprise all of the things you want to understand about the convection oven toaster.

What’s a toaster oven?

Defined only, a toaster oven is a sophisticated variant of the very best regular toasters. It retails with added functions like broiling and roasting, making it a much more viable kitchen choice if you appreciate flexibility.

Compared to a regular toaster, a toaster oven uses top quality, rapid heating components, which are ordinarily set on the underside or topside of this appliance. These components will heat the machine’s ambient atmosphere; then, the atmosphere will be baking, broil, or toast.

The very best toaster oven is also relatively quick to use and functional compared to your regular toaster and lets you prepare a vast collection of foods from pizza pieces and vegetables to little chicken bits and cakes.

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What’s a convection oven?

In look, the convection oven and a toaster oven are relatively similar. The one difference between both is that the fan contains a convection oven to alter how it functions. This suggests that unlike a toaster oven, the very best convection oven will heat the surrounding atmosphere, and then the inbuilt fan that’s been contained will move the warm air around the oven to cook your meal evenly.

This method of cooking is quite advantageous if you despise unevenly cooked foods. And in the event you would rather have a meal that’s been roasted, broiled, or toasted until it’s crispy on the outside, then that is the appliance for you.

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Convection Oven Vs Toaster Oven Comparison

Convection Oven Vs Toaster Oven Comparison

Convection and toaster ovens enable you to enjoy the advantages of the full-size traditional ovens minus the price which accompanies these bigger appliances. However, these ovens aren’t the same, and also to help you pick the perfect one for you, below are a few of the critical factors you want to understand.

How it Works

Like any other appliances, you will need to understand these ovens operate since this will ensure you understand what you’re getting into no matter what you pick. And while the functioning mechanism is very similar, there are a couple of significant differences that set both apart.

Convection Oven

Despite what its name implies, the convection oven functions more like the regular conventional ovens, which means it will rely on heating components to provide the heat needed to cook meals.

This warmth is then passed to the heating element’s meals directly and utilizing conduction in the racks or pan. However, there’s also a third component in the cooking process: the fans that help circulate the warm air around the food to accelerate the cooking process.

Toaster Ovens

Such as the convection ovens, the toaster ovens may also utilize heating elements to provide heat. And they’ll also provide heat to the meals in three ways, all through the heating components, conduction throughout the cooking utensils, and the heated air around the food.

However, there aren’t any fans to ditch the hot air, and thus, cooking won’t be as quick as in the convection ovens.

Power Source

Power origin things a lot, because depending on your circumstance, some sorts of power sources may not work well for you.

While both the convection and toaster ovens will mostly arrive in electric-powered versions, the former has gas-powered models precisely like the full-size traditional ovens. Together with the gas-powered convection ovens, you could cook food from nearly anywhere provided you own a gasoline can.

Although theoretically, it’s feasible for the toaster oven to be gas-powered, you may hardly find any gasoline version because electrical ones have a tendency to be more suitable given their smaller dimensions and planned uses.

Cooking Rate

The cooking rate will depend on what you are cooking, how big the meals, and the oven version you’re using.

However, with this said, the convection ovens will cook somewhat quicker compared to toaster ovens. These ovens will warm up inside a shorter time since they’ll generally have more effective heating components, and with the support of the lovers, they will spread the heat around the food to ensure faster and more even cooking.

On the flip side, Granite counters take the time to achieve the desired warmth, and since they don’t have fans, they will mostly rely on conduction and direct heat from the components to cook, which makes the process quicker.

Best Programs

Even though the toaster and convection ovens may be used for pretty much precisely the very same foods, like any other appliance, each will shine in cooking certain foods or get a particular sort of cooking.

Convection Oven

If you’re seeking something you may use to grill or roast veggies and legumes, the convection oven will be ideal since it permits you to find a wonderful crust on the meals while maintaining the inside moist.

Furthermore, if the foods you will be cooking create a good deal of steam since they cook, the enthusiast on the convection oven will be somewhat helpful. When creating pastries and pies, these ovens are ideal since the enthusiast provides them an excess lift.

Toaster Ovens

All in all, the toaster ovens appear to excel in regards to browning, crusting, and toasting foods, which is precisely what many folks would make use of these ovens to get at home.

But suppose you’re cooking delicate foods such as soufflés, cakes, and other foods which can start as a batter. In that case, the toaster oven can also be a much better option than the convection oven as the latter’s enthusiasts may destroy these foods. Even better, these ovens are also perfect for making daily snacks such as peanut butter snacks and miniature apple pies.

Cleaning and Care

Hate it or love it; maintenance and cleaning will always be a part of owning any kitchen appliance, so you have to be sure everything you purchase, including your oven, provides you a simple moment.

Given the smaller size of this toaster oven, it’ll be a lot easier to wash than a convection oven, and it’ll also consume less time. And because most versions will have several removable parts, you may provide them a thorough cleanup on the sink.

Convection ovens will provide you a much more difficult time cleaning because there’s more area to pay for. Additionally, these fans’ addition means there’ll be more delicate components that need more precaution and more areas for food particles to conceal.

Size and Portability

If it comes to the size and reliability, the convection ovens also spend the day here since they’ll typically arrive in lightweight and smaller designs, making them highly mobile.

A toaster oven takes up little space in your kitchen countertops, and so for the ones that live in smaller homes with smaller kitchens, such space-saving ovens will probably be a superb purchase.

Convection ovens are often very big as a few will even arrive in the same size as standard ovens, which means that they take up a great deal of space and will be challenging to carry. On the other hand, the excess size comes with its worth to get more cooking place.


Just how much you pay for your oven will be highly determined by your funding because both the convection and toaster ovens can be found in several versions, which come in various price ranges.

All in all, the convection ovens will probably be more costly than toaster ovens awarded an advanced and practical layout. They also come in a bigger size, which further pushes up their prices.

As it’s possible to find a comfortable and more fundamental convection oven for as little as $100prices for your mid-tier and higher tier versions will quickly go up to $1,000, plus a few versions also cost up to $2,000 and more.

Granite countertops are more economical and will consequently be ideal for anybody watching out for a budget toaster model. You can find a fantastic version for as little as $60 or perhaps marginally less than this, whereas the top-quality ones will probably barely retail for over $400.

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When selecting between the convection and toaster oven, the food types and quantity that you cook, your budget, and tastes should help you choose.

However, the decision should likewise be more comfortable today because, within this piece, we create the differences between both clear enough for first-time customers.

Utilizing our guide over, the convection oven will be an ideal selection for the ones that cook bigger batches of meals and are interested in finding an oven that cooks somewhat quicker.

On the other hand, granite counters are fantastic for anybody searching for a less expensive oven for cooking smaller meals batches and easy cooking tasks such as browning, crisping, and toasting.

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