Corkcicle Vs Yeti

Corkcicle Vs Yeti: Which Tumbler Is Better? [2021]

Taking a look at our post below to know which is better between Corkcicle vs Yeti.

From best-selling water fountains to dependable tumblers to beautiful colored scents, yeti is establishing itself as a strong brand. However, how can their drink hot compare to Corkcicle’s?

While perhaps not many are pleased with the latter’s puny name( Popsicle – Corkcicle), they looked and watched their stainless steel railings can keep anything hot or warm for up to 25 hours. A bold claim, I understand.

In any way, I am not positive whether you’d need coffee that is still hot after being in a tumbler for at least 25 hours. The Yeti vs Corkcicle battle will probably be a one sided-match together with the latter carrying the decoration on several facets.

It would nevertheless be interesting to compare the mug’s features, performance, and differences, nevertheless.

Corkcicle vs Yeti Comparison Table

Yeti Rambler Corkcicle Canteen
Check Price Check Price
Slide Lid Yes No
Ice Retention Best Okay
Durability Best Okay
Warranty 5 Years 1 Year
Capacity 30 oz 25 oz

Using its sweat-proof outside, this tumbler has a cozy feel to it. The casing is durable and provides for a sturdy grip. It feels perfect on the hand, which you will wonder why anybody would go to get a managed tumbler.

Contrary to the Corkcicle with a comparatively narrow mouth,” The Yeti ( hydro flask) has a large mouth for more effortless dumping of ice hockey. The Corkcicle’s little lid is a pain in the throat if you have to fall in more ice hockey. This 30 once mug is convenient.

Our Top Pick

There is just no competition here. The Yeti ( hydro flask) is superior in just about any region in the construction to ice retention. Also, for the few dollars you could save obtaining the Corkcicle, it is not worthwhile.

Spend a few more dollars and get a Yeti using a 5-year guarantee that will not chip or flow on youpersonally, but if you would like to see our entire review for these two products, then continue reading if you want to get more than you ever wanted to understand about tumblers.

Yeti 30 Oz Tumbler

Yeti Rambler 30 Oz Tumbler

The Yeti Rambler holds 30 oz of liquid, a small update from the Corkcicle. Additionally, it features a durable stainless steel construction that prevents fluids from seeping in, and it does not render a metallic taste in your beverages.

The tumbler’s exterior does not sweat, and it’s a very excellent coating that’s long-lasting and can help one grip it. However, the plan of the Rambler is great for this and fits well in your hand.

The Rambler features a wide-mouth top, making it a lot simpler to dump ice than Corkcicle, which features a little lid that you want to drop ice to. The Yeti lid is also a magnetic slide that makes it difficult for the tumbler to inadvertently open up and dump its contents throughout your tote or automobile.

Additionally, the Yeti has another massive advantage within the Corkcicle. They give a 5-year guarantee while Corkcicle only provides service for one year. If using a guarantee and available replacement parts for your purchases is valuable to you, then the Yeti is your thing to do.

They provide repairs and service and any replacement components you could desire, and also, their claims submission process is extremely straightforward. Additionally, they provide better colors for guys in their cups. The Corkcicle colors are kind of “girly.” The red, which appears to be a pink color.


  • Better ice retention
  • 5-year warranty
  • High-quality parts
  • Magnetic slide lid
  • More masculine colors
  • Bigger liquid volume


  • Slightly more expensive

Corkcicle Canteen 25 oz

Corkcicle Canteen 25 oz

The Corkcicle ends up becoming somewhat more affordable than the Yeti Rambler, but is it worth the purchase price cut? If you are more interested in quantity, then the Corkcicle will provide somewhat less room for drinks hot compared to Yeti Rambler.

Even though their sizing is odd, they give a 16-ounce cup plus a 25-ounce cup, but sometimes they take as much as a 60 ounce? On the other hand, the shirt’s opening is relatively modest, making it somewhat annoying to fill it with ice compared to using the Rambler, which has a largemouth.

Another sore point with many individuals is that the Corkcicle utilizes lower-quality materials in certain parts, especially the lid, which occasionally breaks. Yeti’s lids are of much high quality, which gives them a critical edge over the Corkcicle ( water bottle).

Even dropping them by a rather short space may wind at a damaged or cracked tumbler. Yeti’s products appear to be close indestructible, so if you’re searching for something you’ll be able to misuse, then the Corckcicle is probably not it.

Additionally, it loses some points in regards to style. The Yeti’s layout is only easier to hold in your hands. The Corkcicle is also embarrassing to wield, particularly if you have smaller hands, which is unfortunate because the Corkcicle provides some charming and more feminine colors than the regular Yeti camo offering.

Though the Corkcicle does have replacement parts available like Yeti, you must bear in mind that their warranty isn’t anywhere near as significant. They will only cover flaws in workmanship for a calendar year, and they’re not likely to pay any”fall harm” even if you merely drop it after.


  • Cheaper
  • More feminine colors
  • 1-year warranty


  • The lid is low quality and fragile
  • Awkward body design
  • Slightly less ice retention
  • Opening is small
  • Paint chips easily

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How can they retain ice hockey?

Which manufacturer outranks another at ice retention? Having a small border, the Yeti Rambler ( hydro flask) chooses the summit. Frankly speaking, though, you will find both great at keeping ice, which should not be a deal-breaker.

They retain heat nicely also. Coffee drinkers may benefit most from this as they will enjoy their beverage how that they love it. They can keep ice for over 30 hours, which is why ice retention does not set them apart. Their ice retention extends in the summer, according to self-explanatory physics.

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Why should you obtain a travel tumbler, and how can you opt for the best one?

I doubt if picking a travel tumbler will be the most difficult choice you will need to make this season. There are many fantastic brands in the marketplace in any event, and deciding on a product should not be a brainless choice. That is precisely what you need to look for in a fantastic travel tumbler.

How long it retains beverages cold or warm

This is what distinguishes a tumbler from a water bottle. All of them have different retention costs dependent on the form of insulating material they come with. If you’re searching for a tumbler to keep your coffee hot as you work 9 to 5, then becoming one using a 24-hour retention capability will be overkill. You need to instead give more consideration to the quantity it takes rather than prioritizing the retention period.

Aesthetics and practicability

A traveling tumbler should match the typical cup holder. Also, it would conquer its objective. Popular brands such as the Yeti have tumblers in a broad selection of colors. This usually means you could select one which matches your vibe and character.

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Through the comparison process, it is clear that Yeti Rambler is the winner. It has a guarantee period of up to 5 years, whereas Corkcicle is only one year.

If you want one to have a “jerk,” able to hold on for many years, the Yeti is a good choice for you. The Corkcicle ( water bottle) can manage light tasks well enough.

However, it doesn’t bounce back when dropped, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re left with peeling paint, a damaged seal, and a cracked lid.

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