Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know

Download Fortnite, the best battle royale game, and experience all the fun and excitement it comes with.

Fortnite is an Epic Games masterpiece, developed in the year 2017. The game has been extremely popular since the beginning of its launch. Epic games have earned a fortune with this game.


Fortnite has a very exciting and intense gameplay. Only the gaming wizards would understand and excel in it. It is more challenging than most of the other games but that’s where the fun lies. You don’t only have to kill your enemies but also build walls and shields to protect yourself.

Fortnite is all about survival. The last man standing wins the game. It can be played alone as well with a squad of 2 or 4. In this time, you will have to kill all the enemies and be the last man standing.

Fornite: Gameplay

As time passes by the zone gets smaller and smaller. Players move to the safe zone in order to save themselves. If one player kills another, an update will be flashed on the screen.

Fortnite for PC

It is an open-world battle royal where 100 players are dropped in a particular battle field and the last man standing wins the game. Meanwhile, they gather materials and build structures to defend themselves or attack the enemies. Fortnite has 2 main modes, Battle Royal and Save the World. Let’s take a look at both.

Battle Royal

In this mode, players can play solo or in squads of two, three, or four. A battle between 100 players is held in an open field, where they are thrown empty handed.

They tend to find weapons, vehicles, and other tools to defend themselves, escaping the storm at the same time. The last man, either solo or with a squad wins the game.

This is the most interesting and playable mode of fortnite and developers mainly focus on this mode while making any updates.

Players have to find weapons and resources to build buildings and kill other players. Players can play this mode as solo players or in duos or squads. Players communicate with one another using text and voice chat. The player or team that remains standing till the end wins the game.

Save the World

This is a story mode of Fortnite, where a group of 4 players play together to save the world from zombies. The story begins when almost 95% of the world’s population has disappeared. Your job is to find weapons and survivors, and kill every zombie on the planet.

Fortnite for PS4

Fortnite is one of the best PS4 games ever. Many people from all around the world enjoy the online feature of this game and interact with one another through it. With its 4 modes being offered to its users, Fortnite brings excitement and entertainment to its user’s life.
Fortnite has a very different and unique gameplay. Players from all over the world compete in an open battle field and the last man standing wins the game. This mode is called Battle Royal.

There are two story modes of Fortnite. They are, save the world and Battle Royale. These are the two most interesting modes and the story is interesting as well.

Fortnite for PS4

How to Download

You will have to purchase the DVD to play Fortnite on a PS4. You don’t have to worry about the storage of your missions and collectables because it will be stored with your PSN ID.


There are many Fotnite tournaments being held every year. Players from all over the world participate and compete with another to win big cash prizes. The most amazing and compatible players enroll themselves in these tournaments so the vibe is on another level.

Fortnite for XBOX

XBOX users love to play Fortnite, as it is one the most interesting open-world games ever created. Published in 2017, by Epic Games, the game has over millions of users and earns millions of dollars every year.

The game can be played solo, multiplayer, or in a squad of 3 to 4 players. The players are dropped in an open battle field with 100 more players who compete with weapons and scavengers to terminate one another. The last man standing always wins the game.

Players also get many rewards in the form of skins, and reward points which enhances their rank world-wide. There are many XBOX players who compete at international level and win huge cash prizes.

There are many online streamers on Youtube and Instagram who earn hundreds of dollars by just live-streaming their gameplays. They search for hidden treasures and attract their followers with their extraordinary gaming skills.

Map Fornite


Fortnite comes with the most amazing graphics. This is one of the reasons behind its huge success. You won’t feel dizzy or have eye-sight problems, even after playing the game for hours.


You can find Fortnite on almost all of your gadgets. Players either playing on a PC or mobile can play with another. New Features are introduced every month so that users don’t get bored of it. Fortnite offers better features, like picture quality and gameplay than other battle royale games, like PUBG and counter strike, etc. It is tough to be the last man standing but this is what makes the game so special and interesting.

Online Streaming

If you want to make some money with Fortnite then, you can follow a few steps and enjoy the gaming venture as well as earn some quick bucks. First of all you will have to make your YouTube channel and stream and upload videos of Fortnite on your channel. This way you can increase your audience and get paid by Youtube and Brands.


In short, Fortnite has created a huge impact on the gaming industry. Since its release, it has been on the top of the table. Especially console gamers who love this game. Fortnite has also been recorded as the most playing game on console. In its online sessions, players interact and have a lot of fun with one another.

Where to Get the Game

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