Freestanding Vs Slide In Range

Freestanding Vs Slide In Range: Which’s Better? [2021]

While you want to purchase a range, you can consider between Freestanding Vs Slide In Range. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or only wish to replace your previous range with the newest one, you’ll want the best ideal sort of range to fulfill your kitchen decoration.

With so many new choices available now, sifting through all of the information by yourself may be confusing, and it can be tricky to pick the best range for you. Arcadia Ales will make it simple and walk you through the particulars of every style that will assist you in making an educated purchase.

What’s a freestanding range?

When you consider a normal range, you probably picture a freestanding range. Having a cooktop surface and one or two ovens beneath, freestanding ranges are seen in most kitchens. These ranges may include gas, electric or dual fuel, using a control panel for both the cooktop and oven.

Along with housing the controllers, blackguards on freestanding ranges also help protect the wall behind the range from spills and splashes.

Freestanding ranges include finished sides that let them be installed between cabinets or their own, making them a flexible selection for most kitchens. But, freestanding ranges might not be the ideal match for kitchen islands.


  • Plug and go- these ranges can be plugged in anywhere there is an electrical or gas hookup.
  • Economical- easy on the budget
  • Can pull away from the wall to washers dryers


  • Sacrifice more advanced features
  • Not always as stylish

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What’s a slide-in range?

The most crucial difference between freestanding and slide-in range is setup. While freestanding ranges may stand alone or be installed between cabinets, slide-in ranges are mainly designed to sit cabinets to get a smooth appearance. As a result of this, slide-in ranges have bare sides, making them ill-suited for standalone setup.

The setup can also be distinct – controllers for slide-in ranges are often located on the front or top of the machine. It also lacks a backyard, which explains why many homeowners install tile supporting the range if they’re putting it against a wall.

The sleek appearance of slide-in range has made them popular options for kitchen remodels and kitchen island setup. On top of that, the range’s overhanging sides keep fluids and food from spilling into openings between the cooktop and countertops, which makes kitchen clean-up easy.


  • Most stylish and modern built-in look
  • It can be built into the center island.
  • Advanced features


  • Higher price point
  • Side panels are unfinished, so cabinets need to exist on both sides.

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What Is The Difference Between Freestanding Vs. Slide In Range?

What Is The Difference Between Freestanding Vs Slide In Range

There are dozens and dozens of options-gasoline, electric, counter, counter, and dozens of options-gasoline, electric, counter, counter, and the pursuit for the ideal kitchen range. How can you know your ideal option for your kitchen? 1 easy place to begin is the setup style. The plan of your kitchen will often dictate which kind of range is best suited for your requirements.

Nowadays, we’re covering just two of the more prevalent kinds of kitchen ranges-that the slide-in range along with also the freestanding range-to help you limit your choice. Both of these differentiators refer to how the range was created concerning how it will finally be installed.

Slide-In Range: Sleeker But at a Cost

Slide-In Range is all made to produce a more seamless, built-in appearance and doesn’t have any top backsplash or board. Since the range is intended to slip between cabinets or other appliances, the sides aren’t completed or enclosed.

This usually means you will need to install it using something on either side, like cabinets or other appliances. That said, slide-in ranges often appear more habit and more economical than freestanding fashions. Therefore, they generally include a more considerable cost.

Select This Kind of range should you want:

  • A sleek, built-in Appearance with a setup between two cabinets
  • A more personalized look to match custom cabinetry
  • Setup at a kitchen island (because There’s no backsplash)
  • A more modern look that does not obstruct the backsplash or wall
  • A more high-end, commercial-inspired Appearance

Freestanding Range-Freestanding ranges are undoubtedly the hottest range style and so tend to be cheaper. Contrary to slide-in ranges, these ranges have ended a backsplash, which they are sometimes installed in-between cabinets, in the edge of the counter, or standing independently. Usually, electric ranges have controls over the backsplash, while gasoline ranges have controls at the front. The backlash could have an LCD screen, a timer, along with other controllers.

Select This Kind of range should you want:

  • Setup any location at which the negative (s) of this oven will reveal
  • Standalone setup, not assembled into a cabinet or island
  • Protection on the backsplash from spills and splatters
  • A Less Expensive Choice to match a tighter budget
  • More choices to Select from, including endings, brands, and dimensions
  • More flexibility because it could be installed independently or between cabinets

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Which One Is Right for You?

Fortunately, most oven designs come in both freestanding and slide-in configurations.

By way of instance, if you are considering the ultra-popular induction range-a fantastic selection for home chefs with kids, as induction ranges don’t have any flames or burning-hot surfaces-you’ve got the choice to select between the two slide-in as well as freestanding.

Due to their sleek, contemporary appearance, slide-in induction ranges are very desirable among homeowners.

Though not as popular as freestanding ranges, slide-in gas ranges are rapidly gaining popularity in the cooking world. They, therefore, are most likely to keep a stronghold for the near future.

Finally, however, the design you choose comes down to your tastes, budget, and the remainder of your kitchen. In the long run, both styles give the same great functionality, and that means you’ll have made a solid decision in any event!

Assessing your selection with your kitchen designer or an appliance specialist from our staff will help make sure that you are feeling good about your choice no matter what. We are always available to help guide you throughout your appliance purchase.


The above article compares Freestanding and Slide In Range to help you find the right product for your kitchen. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment. We will answer as soon as possible.

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