Gluten Free Beer To Discover Now

Who says a gluten intolerant person should forget about beer? Thanks to gluten-free beers, gluten intolerants can also enjoy good craft beers. Not all of them are excellent, which is why we have made a selection of 6 gluten-free beers for you.

10 Best Gluten-Free Beers


1/ Blonde Ale – Espiga

Brewed by the Spanish brewery Espiga, this gluten-free Blonde Ale is characterized by a freshness on the palate accompanied by light notes of exotic fruits. The bubbles are fine and the bitterness light.

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2/ I wish IPA – Mikkeller

“I wish IPA” is a gluten-free IPA beer from the Mikkeller brewery. A well hopped beer that will be appreciated by both gluten intolerant people and craft beer lovers.

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3/ Reparations Bajer – To Øl

The gluten-free American Pale Ale “Reparationsbajer” takes its name from what the Danish brewers of To Øl seem to live after an overly wet evening: when you wake up with a pasty mouth, you desperately have to find something that could cleanse our taste buds soaked in vodka (or other alcohol). What could be better than a good recovery beer?

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4/ Vagabond Pale Ale -BrewDog

For the record, the Vagabond Pale Ale from the Scottish brewery Brewdog won in 2014 the challenge “BrewDog Prototypes Series” by beating 3 other beers with gluten (like what, gluten-free does not mean bad). Each year craft beer lovers can vote for their favorite prototype beer. The winner then integrates the range of the brewery.

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5/ Damm Daura Gluten Free

This beer from the Damm brewery has exactly the same recipe as their famous.The only exception: barley and wheat have been replaced by millet and buckwheat. We obtain a gluten-free beer with a strong Belgian beer character.

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6/ Discovery Amber gluten-free beer

Located in western North Carolina in Asheville, the American brewery Wicked Weed has recently launched Discovery Amber gluten-free beer, a gluten-free, hop-rich Double India Pale Ale.

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