How to Play Minecraft? (A beginner’s guide)

Minecraft is one of the most famous and widely played online video games for kids.

This is a global multiplayer online game (MMO), where participants access a virtual community and enjoy the match with lots of other participants from all over the actual world. These players can connect through an uncensored messaging system and even share their original content to build new environments in a game where they allow everyone else to join.

Gameplay of Minecraft

It’s a mechanism of putting items together to build incredible things from nothing. “Minecraft” presents infinite building blocks and a clean slate. You can make something unbelievable, or stupid, or contextual, or whatever, by using resources it includes. The instruments are mercifully user-friendly, and so are the frameworks for the use of these resources.

This is the real, symbolic basic component of the game. You start with nothing but the game offers a huge, undiscovered universe, ready for formation. You’re going forward; you’re hitting the surface beneath you, and it’s starting to crumble. Is this going to crack? You hear a sound and all of a sudden, there is no earth. A huge square and vacant space have appeared.

If you’ve collected enough bricks, the next step you have to do is craft: mix the materials you’ve extracted to make more sophisticated instruments. Mining for timber helps you to make simple resources. These simple tools allow you to extract more complicated materials that allow you to build more specific objects and tools.

New Features of Minecraft

Copper block

This is an extractable element that has been introduced in the game. But rather than using it to create armor and things, it’s used to make basic components and other things. Copper blocks change as the environment changes, they’re incredibly beautiful.

Lightning bar

The lightning rod would be a great asset to any building consisting of combustible materials. The lightning rod reroutes the lightning beams to maintain the environment protected.

Spore flowers

These are components of the green cave habitats, and they appear like an inflated Lotus. Although they’re still already releasing particles, bringing the game with more complexity.


This is by far the most threatening gang in Minecraft. They are shown in a wide, hidden biome where they will be unconsciously lurking about. They don’t have eyes but they get aggressive when they detect sounds!

Lush Cave

This is a habitat that will be introduced to the match. The beautiful caves are just as the words mean. The cave is filled with green grass, and several new styles of blocks are also included.

Modes of Minecraft

Creative mode

This mode allows you to start flying to explore the game’s universe and you are free to get whatever you need. The creative design is perfect for kids who are interested to explore all the features of the game. You won’t even get hurt while playing this mode.

Survival mode

You need to perform different activities to get things like timber, iron, and coal. These items can be used to build different items that will enable you to get more things. There is the option of flying as you will be harmed by certain things. If you die in this mode, you will come back.

Monsters, creepy guys, zombie towns, ghosts, rats, pit spiders, and insects can kill you.

There have been various modes in survival with different difficulty levels. Survival mode is fine for a competition, although it can be challenging if you configure it to a level that would be too hard. You can start with peace mode and try your guns on farmed animals as they won’t attack.

Hardcore mode

There are a lot of things similar to survival mode but if you die in this mode, you won’t come back. This mode is perfect for kids like 10-15 years old. The difficulty level in this mode is higher than survival mode and it is recommended for those who have mastered the survival mode.

How to download Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android devices

The latest version of Minecraft is available on Google Play Store and you can download the game by following the given steps.

  • Visit the official app store on your smartphone. Go to the search bar and type ‘Minecraft pocket edition.’
  • You will see different games on the main screen. Tap on the relevant game.
  • Now select the ‘Purchase’ option to download the game. You will have to enter the credit card details to complete the downloading procedure.
  • After entering the card details, you can purchase and download the game.
  • A notification will be received after the completion of the installation process.
  • Open the game and start exploring the Minecraft universe.


How much is it?

Minecraft tablets cost $6.99 and the Xbox version is available for $20. The desktop version of Minecraft can be purchased for $26.95.

Minecraft game is available on what devices?

This game is available on android, iOS, PCs, Macs, Xbox 360, and Kindle Fire.

Where to download Minecraft

Minecraft can be downloaded by visiting the official website. It is available for all major platforms and you can download the latest version by visiting the official app stores. It is also available on Amazon.


Minecraft brings all of the wonderful features of the main series, but it also introduces a lot of new material. Travel across randomly constructed environments as you design and build objects and structures for your existence. In the journey, you will meet a wide range of adversaries and predators that you will have to fight with. Play on your own or introduce some teammates to make the match more interesting.

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