How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan? Best Guide 2021

How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan

By seasoning your ceramic pan, you can increase its lifespan and also improve your Cooking experience. For People Who don’t have a notion, seasoning cookware refers to apply non-stick oil or fat to the surface. This prevents it from corrosion and rust.

Furthermore, it improves its non-stick properties too. This Is the reason you are recommended to season your ceramic pans constantly. You should take action before using it for the first time and repeat it every couple of months.

So How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan? In this guide, we’re likely to provide a step-by-step guide manual to season a ceramic fry pan.

When to Season a Ceramic Frying Pan

Before we tell you how you can season your ceramic frying pan, let us look at if you ought to season your pan.

Ideally, you must begin the seasoning process before you apply the pan in any way. You then need to continue to season the frying pan regularly in a subsequent couple of months.

As the coating of seasoning grows, you can unwind. When you detect food sticking a little more than usual, top up your seasoning.

Right, you understand when to season, let us find out how to season a ceramic frying pan, will we?

How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan

Way To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan

What you will need:

  • Water
  • Soap
  • A paper towel or soft cloth
  • Your ceramic frying pan
  • Some cooking oil (vegetable oil is ideal, but it is also possible to use peanut oil, lard and olive oil).

1. Wash the pan

You will want to wash your frying pan use anyhow, but washing before seasoning is essential. This is because seasoning creates a barrier between the frying pan along with your food.

The very last thing you need is to your barrier to include stuff in the packaging your pan has been in. Next, use the soft fabric and a little bit of water and soap to wash it. Once washed, dry it completely, and it is on to another step.

2. Add some oil into the frying pan

A tablespoon of the oil of your selection is more than sufficient. Distribute the oil to the interior surface of the pan. You have to coat the entire inner surface. Use more oil if needed.

Stick with all the oils we mentioned previously also. The oil that you use should have a higher smoking fever. Olive oil, as an instance, includes a very low smoking point and thus is not appropriate.

3. Heat the pan

Set the pan in your hob and put it to moderate heat. Leave it until the oil begins to smoke. This is going to take some time, so don’t hesitate to turn up the heat. It’s supposed to take a little while. The oil has to heat up gradually; that way, it will soak into the surface.

To stop the oil from pooling, move the pan around and maintain coating the sides together with the oil in the pan. It’s not necessary to add extra oil; keep the oil going as the high gains.

You may also season a frying pan from the oven. Most ceramic frying pans are oven safe but do check. Precisely the very same principles as above apply.

4. Cool the pan

When the oil has begun to smoke, eliminate your ceramic pan in the hob. Allow the pan to cool until it has reached room temperature. Don’t cool the pan off immediately. This measure permits the oil to soak in.

5. Dry the pan

When the pan has cooled to room temperature, then wipe out any oil left from the pan. Your pan will probably feel somewhat oily; this is normal and should not be washed off.

6. Repeat the process

For new frying pans, repeating the seasoning process each month or 2 is a fantastic idea. But how frequently you ought to season your ceramic pans depends on the pan and how many times you use it. Nonetheless, if you are discovering more sticking than normal, season the pan.

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Additional Strategies To Look After Your Ceramic Pan

Additional Strategies To Look After Your Ceramic Pan

Here are some additional tips you can follow to Keep your ceramic pans:

1. Keep the heat low or moderate

Once you season your ceramic pan, you always need to cook on medium or low heat.

Cooking at a higher temperature can cause discoloration of the surface. Not Only That,

But it may also damage your pan.

This can happen after a couple of instances of cooking at high temperatures. If you do not want

Your lover loses its non-stick properties; you ought to use it to moderate heat.

2. Prevent using coconut oil sprays

A lot of you use cooking oil sprays since it’s not difficult to use. However, You should avoid using it.

Whenever you’re cooking, using a ceramic pan. That is because those cooking sprays contain

Compounds that may form a build-up on the face of the pan.

You can’t wash off the build-up readily. If you try to wash it off, then It Is Going to harm the


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Whenever you’re picking any petroleum, please consider choosing an oil that has high heat retention. Normally, animal fats have quite greater heat retention, and it functions best when you’re seasoning.

Nonetheless, it isn’t compulsory to use animal fats, so it is possible to use coconut oil or flaxseed oil; both have excellent heat retention. If you cannot locate some of this, it is possible to use extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil.

We’re utilizing high heat retention oil since when we’re warming the pan, this kind of oil requires a very long time to heat up, which can help in a more excellent seasoning of this pan.

The quantity of oil entirely depends upon the size of this pan. Larger how big, the more the amount of oil is necessary. Usually, it takes three tablespoons of oil to get a 12″ inch pan, or else you need to pour oil till the surface is covered entirely.


Ceramic cookware is famous for its smoothness and wholesome advantages. But it requires seasoning to acquire a good smooth surface.

If you’re utilizing a ceramic pan with no seasoning, that is ok; it will work fine. But seasoning generates an additional layer of smoothness which makes cooking simple, and the degree of satisfaction also increases.


The solution is yes. According to the specialists, after every six months, we need to season our pans whenever possible. Whenever the food sticks frequently, it is time to season it. Re-seasoning your pan not only leaves your pan smooth but also increases its durability. Should you repeat the process from time to time, then it continues for a couple of years.


Everything stuck into a ceramic pan due to matters. Either your pan is getting old, and it is nonstick coating draining out, or you’re employing an excellent mean pan.

To eliminate the scenarios, you have just one option that’s seasoning, since seasoning generates an excess layer of oil into the pan’s surface to make it more smooth.


To revive a ceramic frying pan, you simply need to wash it with soap, and warm water, then season the pan together with almost any process you desire.


This question is entirely depends upon your use, kind, and grade of the pan you’re using. If you’re taking good care of washing it together with your hands using warm water and seasoned it from time to time, then it will persist for a decade or so.

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After going through this piece, I hope that today it is simple to invest your cash on your favorite ceramics pots and pans as appearing following the non-stick coat is no more of a hassle. The way to season ceramic cookware isn’t anymore a problem. By creating breakfast into cooking super, you may enjoy the advantages of non-stick property quite efficiently.

By seasoning your ceramic pan, it is possible to last longer and operate out its consequences.

Adhesive properties. Now you understand how to season your ceramic pan. You’ll find the best outcomes, but ensure that you do it properly.


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