How To Sharpen Meat Slicer Blade? The Complete Guide 2021

How To Sharpen Meat Slicer Blade

Are you confusing how to sharpen meat slicer blade? Then you NEED to see our guide below.

Meat slicer is a somewhat familiar device now; this can be a convenient tool for pubs and eateries, saving lots of effort and time to have the ability to find thin pieces of meat, even excellent. However, were you aware that you must sharpen your meat slicer knife in the event you want great excellent meat?

Should you genuinely have a meat slicer, then it’s clear that the blades of this slicer frequently find dull after longer use. Sharpening blades are among the techniques to maintain the caliber of the slicer and make it lasting. Consequently, you have to understand the way to sharpen a meat slicer blade. Let us explore the entire process.

The Way to Tell That Meat Slicer Has To Be Sharpened

The Way to Tell That Meat Slicer Has To Be Sharpened

The efficacy of a meat slicer is dependent upon its sharpness. In reality, it needs to be exceptionally sharp for it to be a fantastic help to prepare food. Knowledgeable users of these tools will frequently have a process to make sure their slicers are not boring. But, people who don’t have a great deal of expertise might not be in a position to understand the indicators of a boring meat slicer blade.

You may check the condition of your meat slicer blade with something having a smooth surface, like an apple or a tomato. If the blade struggles to cut through the tomato without adding a substantial quantity of pressure, you need to be aware that the blade is dull. Additionally, check the knife doesn’t roll onto the smooth surface of the tomato.

Another method of telling if the meat slicer blade needs sharpening or not would be to confirm the meat once you cut it. For example, if the meat comes out looking, the thickness of the pieces starts to differ, then you are aware that the blade is now dull.

How To Sharpen Meat Slicer Blade With A Sharpener?

The way to sharpen a meat slicer blade with a Sharpener

The sharpener of this meat slicer blade would be your sharpening stone. Essentially these sharpening stones have been awarded together with the slicer at the time of purchase. But, you can purchase these stones from the neighborhood hardware shops. Read here the measures relating to the sharpening of the meat slicer blade with a sharpener.

Step 1: Clean the blade of the meat slicer

Before you begin the shaving process, you need to wash out the blade thoroughly. You can certainly do it with alcohol. The cleansing drink makes it pristine in addition to disinfecting. Instead of alcohol, you can wash the blade by putting underwater. A clean blade becomes sharpened faster.

Step 2: Put the sharpening stone onto the meat slicer system.

It would help if you put the sharpener rock on the slicer securely and in a secure way. If you’re trying this blade sharpening task for the first time, check the user’s guide the way the producer has indicated attaching the rock model specifically with the appliance.

Step 3: Find the locking knob.

Next comes the knob. The locking knob resembles a plastic switch, and it’s positioned on the left side of this bottom shaft. So your 3rd measure of blade sharpening would be to find the locking knob.

Step 4: Lock blade as well as the sharpening stones in the proper location

As soon as you discover the knob, then you need to unscrew it from the bottom shaft where it’s attached with. Nowadays, you need to inset the sharpening stones and the bottom shaft region of the slicer machine.

When the sharpening stones have been placed on the foundation shaft, you twist the knob back into its location. Now position the slicer blade onto the sharpening stones.

Secure the blade along with the rock by trimming the sharpening lock-knob till you hear a clicking noise. This noise specifies that the entire issue is professionally, closely, and securely positioned.

Step 5: You need to turn on the Meat Slicer.

Now, plug into the meat slicer machine and then change it on to begin shaving the blade. Repeat the sharpening process for approximately 30-40 seconds. Next, turn the sharpener off for the next 4 minutes, then repeat the sharpening process for greater three (3) times.

Step 6: Take out the sharpening stone

Now unscrew the knob and then slide the sharpening stones off toward the left side of this bottom shaft. Next, put the meat back slicer system to the ideal side of the bottom shaft. Next, tighten the sharpener, locking the knob back into its location.

Step 7: Clean the slicer blade thoroughly.

Employ the rubbing alcohol, carefully wash the blade, and then wash it off by putting it beneath the flowing water. This cleaning spree can allow you to eliminate the metallic particles gathered on the blade, even while you’re sharpening it.

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The way to sharpen the meat slicer blade by hand?

You may sharpen the slicer blade. At least I’ve tried it and have a good outcome. If that’s the instance, you need to use a sharp pebble sharpening Waterston pad. It’s simple to use and widely accessible online and regular sector. It’s a user-friendly sharpening stone and is broadly used for sharpening knives.

All these whetstone pads have a graded self-indulgent, which refers to the magnitude of its microscopic rock particles. The higher the number, the bigger the particles are and the metal it will remove when used, making a more excellent and sharper edge on your blade.

Many whetstone pads are manufactured from 2 stones combined into one. It’s created from a very low gritstone and also a more excellent gritstone. One side is for the very first coarse pass onto a knife or blade, while another is for the more perfect, more precise pass.

If you would like to sharpen your slicer blade, you need to eliminate it in the slicer and attempt it on the mat. But, first, allow me to share with you the way I did the occupation.

Step 1: Preparing the whetstone mat

I immersed it into the water for 10-15 minutes and set it in the holder together with the grainy side upward. It is possible to put it on a towel to remain fixed if you don’t possess the holder.

Dip water on the rock until it has half-drowned in water. This water retains the rock greased and helps the blade to slide over the grit surface.

Step 2: Find the needed slant.

Pick out the blade and maintain it together with the sharp edge up and maintain one of those horizontal sides onto the stone’s surface. Next, you need to hold it with your thumb on the dull edge and put your index finger onto the horizontal surface.

Nowadays, you need to lift the rear of the blade a bit, so the blade becomes slightly tilted. To ensure the cutting edge is level, you need to set your finger on the blade to discover the angle. But be careful, do not hurt your finger since I did the very first time.

Step 3: begin the job

Hold the blade in the angle, pull it toward you blend the rock in a single smooth movement, so the cutting edge by the hilt to the tip would be pulled crosswise onto the rough surface of the stone mat. Next, turn the blade over and slog it from you and crosswise at another course; hence another side of this border becomes hauled over the rock. The entire movement will probably be similar to the portrayal of an XOne up-down rub one side of the blade, one down-up stroke around another will be ideal: repeat this movement five to six times.

Step 4: Flip the stone-pad and replicate

Turn the rock over to the nice side and put water onto the surface to maintain everything hydrated. Then, repeat the identical style precisely at the same rate, the same angle five to six times longer, to provide the blade with a sharp and clean border.

I strongly suggest not push the blade across the rock since it is going to harm the border. Likewise, do not press the blade on the rock mat. Instead, just hold it stable and allow the stone pad to perform the sharpening job.

Step 5: Clean up and examine your blade

Finally, wash the blade and whetstone using a paper towel or cloth to eliminate the microscopic parts of metal connected to the blade. Before you place the blade into the meat slicer, wash it properly to begin working together.

I’d calculated that it takes 5-10 minutes to allow me to find the entire job done. Of course, if you’re performing the sharpening job for the first time, you might take time, but take my word, it’s easy to perform a task and not even insecure on your hand.

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The Maintenance

Meat Slicer - The Maintenance

It’s excellent to sharpen your meat slicer regularly to find the more fantastic slices of the meat. But it might shorten the life span of their blades. You need to remove and correct a brand new one, not overly afterward. Thus, proper upkeep might assist you in keeping the sharpness of their blades for a longer period.

All you will need to wash the blades after each use. Attempt to oil the system once a month so the entire system will operate smoothly, and all of the components will be held in a much better position to get a longer-term.

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Now you understand how to sharpen a meat slicer blade securely. This means that you always find deli-like cuts, along with your slicer, will continue more. Purchasing a slicer is an investment; therefore, maintenance to protect your investment is indispensable. Maintain your slicer blades sharp so you can get ideal cuts for more.

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