How To Use A Meat Slicer? Step By Step Guide 2021

How To Use A Meat Slicer

Have you got a meat slicer, although not sure how to use a meat slicer? Not optimistic if purchasing a meat slicer would be well worth the investment? Then you have come to the ideal location!

A meat slicer is a machine that lets you slice meat, cheese, and other deli products in a brief quantity of time.

Meat slicers will also be considerably quicker than most other slicers, and they’re more flexible than many individuals think. For example, if you can slit to a mandolin, you can slice using a meat slicer.

This guide can allow you to get more by instructing you to use a meat slicer since the pros do. First, let us get in the manual.

What Are The Advantages Of A Meat Slicer?

What Are The Advantages Of A Meat Slicer

There are many advantages of a meat slicer since they are reliable, flexible, and save you cash. Buying slabs of beef or even a chunk of cheese and clipping it yourself prices less than purchasing pre-sliced cheese and meat.

Meat slicers help you slice cheese and meat in a quick quantity of time.

They’re perfect to have during the holiday season. You may impress all your family and friends with beautifully cut cheese and meat which you cut yourself. They’re also good to have in the home for regular usage.

They are also great for turning leftover ham and roast to lunchmeat, as well as thin-slicing onions to get a kettle of French skillet.

Even though most men and women combine meat slicers with just deli products, many also include serrated blades for cutting bread along with other more fragile foods. You will also need to switch to some serrated blades for most cheeses.

The high rate of consistency, quickly cutting edge, and range of depth create meat slicers the most excellent tool for a vast array of in-home food homework, for example making tasty vacation charcuterie boards and stunning sandwiches.

You are going to save yourself money by not having to purchase processed chopped meat weekly, particularly if you’ve got an enormous family and consume a good deal of cheese and meat. This is particularly true of elderly sausages along with other more costly meats. Purchasing pre-sliced summer sausage is quite a bit pricier than purchasing the entire roster and clipping yourself.

Slicing your meat is also much fitter than purchasing processed chopped meat. Among the highest components in cold-cut beef is that preservative salt. Eating cold cuts every day may result in health problems like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

There is no need to purchase processed store-bought meat when you can buy slabs of beef and slice it on your own!

Slicing your meat also suggests you have control over exactly what cut of meat you use and opens hundreds of flavoring choices rather than the 5 or 4 available at the regional grocery store.

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Which kind of food if you avoid using a meat slicer?

Before you begin with a meat slicer, it becomes essential that you know which kind of food that you can’t slit for this appliance.

Avoid using foods that have seeds.

It’s strongly suggested that you avoid using fruits such as peaches, sugar, avocado, etc., as the pits and seeds may harm the machine. Tomatoes are an exception; however, usually, it’s a good idea to avoid using foods that have seeds.

Avoid using raw meat.

You definitely shouldn’t use frozen meat and meat slicers, and you also ought to take care of cutting frozen fish, vegetables, and fruits. This is since the frozen foods have dropped the moistness, rendering it challenging for the blade to slice or cut them. In addition, extra strain on the blade may harm it to a great extent, which could undeniably hamper the performance of this machine.

Prevent using meat with bone

While cutting the meat with a meat slicer, guarantee that the meat is boneless; differently, the fragments of these bones may harm the slicer.

Avoid slicing meat that is oversize.

If the beef is oversize, do not attempt to squeeze it into the beef slicer; cut the inappropriate meat dimensions as you might not obtain the desired cut, which could harm the machine.

What type of food can you slice with a meat slicer?

What type of food can you slice with a meat slicer

As we’ve already discussed what sort of food should be avoided while utilizing a food slicer, let us talk about the food that may be employed using the slicer.

Vegetables & Fruits

Meat slicers not just helpful to lower meats, but you can cut different fruits and vegetables too. This system is perfect if you would like to lower something quite narrow, which can be hard to do using a knife.

If you’d like a uniform onion (or pepper) rings to your salad, hamburger, etc.) then it’s possible to use a meat slicer. Other than that, you may even slice veggies such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, lettuce, and a lot more.

A meat slicer will make your cutting job simpler and enable you to construct your food in a couple of seconds. This simple to use and practical kitchen appliance also permits you to cut fruits such as pineapple, banana, kiwi, and more.


Meat slicers may also help you reduce off bread which permits you to acquire a pleasant and even cut. So when you’ve got a batch of home-bred sandwiches an Italian loaf, put it onto a sliding menu and allow the machine to do what it will the very best.


Yes, even a meat slicer may even be used to cut cheese. But don’t forget one crucial matter, that if you’re seeking to receive a nice and cut out of a bulge of mozzarella cheese, then it isn’t likely to take place. Instead, it is possible to use firmer cheese such as American, Mimolette, Queso Anejo, provolone, and many more.


The main intention of the meat slicer would be to slice or cut beef, and that is the way the title’Meat Slicer’ has been originated. You can cut or slice your favorite meat, such as pork, turkey, red meat, etc., with the support of a meat slicer.

Such a sort of kitchen appliance lets you cut raw in addition to cooked meat. Consequently, if you’re planning to cut raw meat frequently, then it’s suggested that you purchase an industrial or commercial meat slicer.

If your usage of this meat slicer is strictly confined to the home, then it is possible to consider purchasing a mandolin slicer since it’s excellent if you would like to slice or cut meat in tiny batches.

But concerning a catering company, deli café, grocery store, etc., it is a good idea to purchase a commercial slicer that may handle bigger quantities with incredible simplicity, together with accuracy, and also quite fast.

Which kind of blade if you use on your meat slicer?

Meat slicers typically arrive with a serrated edge blade along with a fine-edged blade. If it includes both of the ones, you will need to buy the additional blade. Listed below are several uses of the blades, which can help you recognize that one you’ll want the most.

Serrated Edge Blade

This blade type includes grooves on the leading surface like it’s possible to discover on a saw or a knife bread. Together with the serrated edge blade, it is simple to reduce loaves of bread and meat that are tough. Such blades are perfect for cutting edge hard crust meat such as venison without damaging its crust.

However, if you’re considering cutting vegetables using a serrated edge, you won’t get the desired results since they may render them with sharp or pointed edges.

Nice Edged Blade

The excellent serrated blades possess a sleek and smooth edge which lets you cut the beef, poultry, vegetables, cheese, fruits, etc., really quickly. Therefore, you may anticipate an extremely thin and precise cut each time while utilizing the fine-edged blade. The sharpness of the blade does not even harm the meat or other food products, but do not expect it to provide you effective results while cutting on hard crust beef.

How to use a meat slicer?

Guide to use a meat slicer

Step 1: Safely Place Your Food In The Slicer

Begin by opening the clamp arm and then putting the food you would like to slice in the food bin. Close it. You need to be sure the cut of beef or cheese is firmly held in place on the carriage surface.

If you would like, you can put a sheet of wax paper onto the meat slicer, wherever your pieces will gradually fall onto. This can help to maintain your pieces in excellent form rather than mangled.

Step 2: Adjust The Thickness Of The Slices

How thick would you need your pieces to be? This is your choice, and now’s the opportunity to make that choice. Use the indicator knob to adjust the depth of the pieces manually. This may move the blade nearer or farther away from you. If you do not understand how to position the knob, then cut on a sample piece, try this, and make some alterations you want.

Step 3: Turn On The Meat Slicer

Now you are prepared to turn in your meat slicer. Twist it into the power supply and switch on the power button. The blade will begin rotating very quickly today, so be extra careful if managing your machine!

If you are using manual meat slicers, you may skip this step.

Step 4: Make Swift Slicing Motions

This is the component when many home cooks receive just a little queasy. In case you’ve got a manual deli slicer, this is going to be a more straightforward thing for you than if you had a commercial house meat slicer. Nonetheless, the secret is being tender and maintaining calm.

For electric food slicers, gradually push the sliding menu ahead. The blade will quickly go through the beef and then fall your piece to the trunk of the system. Then pull the knob. If you feel confident enough, you can allow your hands to blot where the chopped meat will emerge. It will help to maintain the pieces as complete as possible.

Guide slicers are easier to manage. Only bring the blade down over the cut of beef or cheese and bring it up. Voilà.

Step 5: Switch Off The Meat Slicer

When you are done slicing, switch off your food slicer and detach it from the energy supply. Be sure that you bend back the index knob to zero thus that the blade is up from the rest of the machine. This will be certain that you don’t inadvertently cut yourself on the sharp sword when managing meat slicers.

Step 6: Clean Your Meat Slicer

As important as understanding how to use a meat slicer, understand how frequently a meat slicer should be cleaned. I wrote a whole manual on it-read it if you are considering wiping your meat slicers (cross-contamination is not enjoyable!). Luckily for you, I have also put together a manual about the best way to wash a beef slicer. Spoiler alert: it will not take you too long.

As a reminder, you need to be cleaning each crevice of your stainless steel meat slicer-from carriage to beef slicer knife cover. And don’t forget always to wear cut-resistant gloves!

Safety tips when using a meat slicer

Safety tips when using a meat slicer

Only to use by adults:

You must keep your kids away in the slicer since the blades are incredibly sharp and can result in irreparable injuries when proper precaution isn’t taken.

Switch off the power button and then unplug the appliance when not in use:

It’ll be a fantastic custom to power off and unplug the unit whenever it isn’t being used; this is because the machine may be switched on accidentally while wiping it with a bulge from a nearby thing that could result in mishaps.

Use cut-resistant gloves

The meat slicer blades are sharp and badly injure you when you’re not careful while cleaning using them. Thus it’s wise that you overlook a food grade, in addition to cut-resistant gloves to prevent unwanted mishaps.

Always maintain the depth adjuster on Zero.

The blades of this meat slicer are barbarous and show no mercy. There’s a risk which it is possible to injure yourself while cleansing the machine, so it is, therefore, an excellent idea to maintain or place the depth adjuster on no, which guarantees that the blades recede or retract inside thereby protecting you from damaging injuries.


Now you understand how to use a meat slicer; you are all set to reduce the best beef cuts – if you are in the office or your home. You’ve got a complete comprehension of the ideal process to follow to acquire high-quality outcomes.

All that remains is that you place precisely what you’ve learned into practice. It will take a while, but you will receive at the rhythm and perform all this from muscle memory very quickly.

Please take what you’ve heard about making use of a meat slicer and utilize it for professional-quality outcomes!

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