Hurom vs Kuvings Slow Juicer Comparison 2021

Hurom vs Kuvings Slow Juicer Comparison 2021

Hurom vs Kuvings come with hefty price tags, but they have amazing performance. Nonetheless, which will choose the throne best slow juicer?

In this informative article, We’ve reviewed the best models from each company, weighed the pros and cons, and discovered some cool features you won’t want to miss, which will assist you in understanding that juicer is ideal for you.

Kuvings Company

Kuvings is a Korean-based firm that specializes in kitchen appliances. They crush it in earnings, particularly in Korea.

As a result of their success, they have gone worldwide and began selling in the USA and 80 other nations.

The organization’s been producing juicers because 1978 so that they’ve been optimizing their machines for quite a while.

They have over 1,400 patents, such as their cutting edge 3″ broad auto-feed chute for perpendicular juicers.

Kuvings thought, how do we make your lives simpler. Straightforward. Just produce the chute wider.

Meaning no more sprucing up carrots or apples. Only feed them whole, and they are all set to be juiced.

Hurom Company

Hurom is just another Korean company that has been in the appliance game because 1974.

Back in 2016, they had been scolded by customers for selling juicers in the US, although not using a United States office.

Americans became severely frustrated because if they had replacement components, the support had been virtually non-existent.

Now, Hurom has a workplace located in the Big Apple, and their support is becoming much better than it was.

Hurom vs Kuvings – C700S vs Elite Slow Juicer

Kuvings vs Hurom - C700S vs Elite Slow Juicer

Feed Chute

Both Kuvings and Hurom integrated broad feed chutes for their juicers. However, even though the start of each feed chute is 3-inch broad, there’s a huge gap between these two models. The Kuvings C700S featured a chute that’s every bit as broad down, while Hurom slow juicers made a chute that works narrow because it goes.

To put it differently, with Kuvings, you do not need to chop your components before feeding on the chute. Less prep time means more time to enjoy your homemade juice. On the flip side, with Hurom, you don’t have any other option except to chop up everything you would like to spend the chute. I mean, you can try inserting an entire carrot inside, but this would probably produce the mechanism jam.

Fortunately, this juicer features a reverse purpose so that you may break through buildups in only a few seconds. The C700S can be outfitted with a reverse switch as leafy greens and fibrous components might lead to a bit of stoppage. However, there is nothing to be concerned about as the mechanics will restore routine operation as soon as you press the button.

In summary, you should not worry about whether the mechanism will clog entirely if you feed it using whole apples or carrots. A simple press of a button will restore the standard performance of those juicers. The most crucial difference between this C700S and Hurom HHSBB-11 is that making new juice and the latter may take a few minutes more.

Motor Power

Slow juicers never arrive with excessively powerful motors. Rather than creating warmth, these kinds of juicers procedure fresh ingredients at a slower rate and keep the majority of the nourishment in your juice. But, not all slow juicers are equipped with motors of the same power. The Kuvings C700S Has a 240-watt motor along with the Hurom Slow Elite Juicer boasts 150-watt of electricity.

You do not need to be a genius to know stronger motors are more successful with hard-textured ingredients like carrots, ginger, or pineapples. Even though you can depend on the HHSBB-11 regarding calculating many sorts of fruits and vegetables, the C700S feels much more dependable. Its engine is strong enough to squeeze the juice out from the fav foodies without devoting its nutrient value.

If you want my opinion, the gap in engine power creates a difference within the class of ingredients you need to use with every juicer. The HHSBB-11 works best with citrus fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, tomatoes.

I haven’t any significant opinions regarding its functionality with celery, carrots, and apples; however, extracting juice from such ingredients takes more than using the C700S.

This juicer goes a few steps further, and it may process anything from kale to carrots and even nuts. The C700S stands at the center between the lightest and fastest juicers on the market also, in my estimation, provides the very best of the two types.

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Running Speed

The gap in engine power between both of these Slow Juicers also reflects in their operating speed. The C700S works at 60RPM, which is somewhat slow but bearable. With this one, you may be certain 95 percent of the enzymes and nutrients will wind up in your glass.

The Hurom HHSBB-11 can assure minimal declines in the nutrient value of your ingredients. This version rotates at 43 RPM, making it among the lightest components in the class of juicers that are slow. But if you do not mind waiting for only a little bit more to get a glass of super-healthy juice, then this one may be your very best choice.

Noise Level

Slow juicers are generally noiseless or create significantly lower sound than rapid juicers. If you could utilize a masticating juicer, you then understand what I am talking about this. On the other hand, the Hurom was me. I needed a more hands-on understanding of slow juicers once I started using them. This system extends beyond a typical masticating juicer.

It works so quietly that you may grow to be an early bird to enjoy fresh juice in the morning before everyone else gets up. The Kuvings C700S is super-quiet too, but I must state Hurom takes first prize in this category.

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PulpAre you picky regarding the pulp? I’m! However good a juicer is, I can not make it my favorite if it generates wet pulp or when the pulp gets in my glass. Merely to make it clear – there’s not an opportunity to eliminate all the pulp from the juice, but you can, at least, eliminate all it.

Together with Kuvings, I had a problem using the pulp. Their juicer includes a BPA-free strainer which makes it effortless to control the quantity of pulp becoming into your drink. This means that you may get more or less of it, based on your preferences.

Together with Hurom, you have two strainers – you with little holes and another one with bigger holes. In this manner, you can create either pure and smooth or textured juices. Having an option is fine, mainly if your family and friends are coming over each week so that you may treat them using their fav juice.

The pulp Hurom’s juicer generates quite dry, making it effortless to separate from the juice and wash out the unit, but we will discuss this in another second.


I pay careful attention to the substances producers use to create their juicers. Hurom produced their juicer by utilizing Tritan, Ultem, and BPA-free substances, making it super-safe to use.

Plastic elements can spoil the essence of the juice by discharging some of their compounds throughout the extraction procedure. There’s not any such thing with Hurom or even Kuvings equally, as both utilize BPA-free vinyl. Kuvings made their C700S of pretty much precisely the same substances as Hurom, making both juicers secure.

Countertop Space

The difference in proportion between the Hurom and Kuvings is almost non-existent. Both juicers are comparatively compact and easy to store. Not one of these is so low-profile, but I think you’d readily get a location on your countertop. They’re somewhat chubby, but this should not be a huge deal, even if you’ve got a little kitchen.


The difference in weight between both of these juicers is quite subtle. The Kuvings C700S weighs 16 pounds, while the Hurom juicer weighs 13,8 lbs. I never had a problem shifting them around the kitchen.

Both slow juicers are comparatively lightweight; however, the Hurom juicer nevertheless scores lower in this circumstance. If you’re a woman or only need to avoid any heavy lifting, you could be less painful to move. I took my Hurom juicer on several excursions. It will not occupy much space, and it’s fairly light to obtain a particular spot for this in my shop.

Are you trying to find the very best travel juicer? I created a detailed manual about the best juicers within this class, so check it out should we share the identical enthusiasm for traveling. If you would like to enjoy juicing on the move, you can opt for both of those two, but my fav pick will be Hurom.

Ease of Cleaning

Concerning cleaning, I could not be happier with Hurom and Kuvings. It requires no longer than 10 minutes to take out the pulp from the inside and wash the elements of each batter.

I don’t enjoy the Kuvings display filter since it requires a while to wash, but other components are a cinch to handle. Kuvings comprised several brushes with the batter to make the cleanup easier to make up for this one little disadvantage.

Hurom comes with a self-cleaning system to don’t need to invest much effort in the cleanup. Scrub the parts and the juicer’s interior using warm soap and water, allow the unit to dry on a towel, and then disassemble it.

This takes me about 6 minutes generally. Though not one of the elements is dishwasher-safe, I can not complain about it since this vendor was very considerate about this component of the user experience.


I was excited about purchasing the Kuvings C700S and Hurom HHSBB-11 because both the appliances came with 10-year warranty.

Whenever you’ve got a juicer that accompanies such a lengthy guarantee, you can get your peace of mind about investing a substantial amount of money in it. Kuvings is decidedly among the most lasting juicers I have seen as I have been using it consistently for decades, and it never neglected me.

If it comes to Hurom, this vendor stipulates a 2-year warranty for those parts along with a 10-year warranty for your engine. It’s fairly durable, provided that you do not push it too difficult. Though I understood crushing nuts wouldn’t be a fantastic idea, I decided to give this juicer ago.

The cover of the auger broke, and I needed to get in touch with the vendor. Fortunately, the guarantee covered the part, and they shipped me a replacement. This juicer works like a charm, provided that you do not force it using tough ingredients like nuts or ice.


When we speak about high-end brands such as Hurom and Kuvings, you understand that the quality that they provide is unbeatable. However, I must note the same applies to their costs. The C700S and HHSBB-11 are a few of the most expensive juicers on the market. However, I had no doubts about investing in my little fortune in every.

The C700S includes a marginally higher cost, but I feel this is entirely fair. Even though the HHSBB-11 is just amazing, I think it needs to be priced slightly under its counterpart, because I have explained in the last section.


Colors do not know about you, but I care about the aesthetic of my kitchen appliances. Most juicers can be found in standard, silver color. If you’d like to create juicing carrots and ginger more enjoyable, try using a vibrant juicer. Kuvings made their C700 version in silver (that is why they called it C700S), white, and red, so it is possible to locate an ideal match for the kitchen easier.

Together with Hurom, you can pick between silver and heavy crimson (they call it wine). I obtained the latter! You would not believe just how much of a gap this color makes. The silver version looks very simple, and I would never pick it on the reddish. However, the last choice is all up to you. I put performance initially but can not withstand a nice, slick layout.

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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000S Pros & Cons

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000S Pros & Cons


  • Virtually no prep with 3″ wide chute
  • Powerful 250W motor to reduce jams
  • Custom strainer and attachments for grind, mince, and sorbets
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Continous use for hours
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 year warranty


  • High price point

Hurom Elite Pros & Cons

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Pros & Cons


  • Highest juice yield
  • Quiet
  • Easy to take apart
  • Cleanup time under 10 minutes


  • 2 year warranty for parts
  • Not as powerful as Kuvings
  • Narrow chute so you might have to chop produce


Therefore, which Kuvings VS Hurom slow juicers is better? Everything depends on what you’re searching for.

I like Kuvings.

The Hurom slow juicers may provide you a greater juice return, but it’s fairly insignificant. Kuvings juicers might be somewhat more costly. However, they have a stronger motor and therefore are not as likely to shake.

If you are somebody who does not prefer to prep your merchandise and wishes to devote the smallest amount of time in the kitchen, then I’d take a look at the Kuvings C7000S.

Perhaps you’re somebody who would like to squeeze greens and veggies, then Kuvings NJE is well worth a look.

On the other hand, if you like juicing citrus fruits, strawberries, and leafy greens, I would consider the Hurom Elite. It features easy cleaning, high yield, and the highest nutritional value of the juice.

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