Hurom Vs Omega: Which Should You Get? [2021]

Hurom Vs Omega

The juicer we probably know about; however, the slow juicer is still unfamiliar to some. There are many types of juicers, especially Hurom Vs Omega. So which product is better in the end?

In this article, we draw on real-world experiences to write down each product’s pros and cons to help you better understand them. Thereby, you can find the juicer that suits you best.

Hurom Vs Omega Company Background


Ok, if Hurom makes Omegas juicers, where does this leave Omega? It does not signify that Omega is not an excellent company in its own right.

For over 30 years that the Omega juicing company was designing and innovating juicers and blenders.

Omega currently features an arrangement with Hurom to produce many of its juicers in its state-of-the-art manufacturing center in South Korea.

Omega is a part of The Legacy Companies that specializes in appliances to assist with living. Omega provides a nearly unheard-of 15-year guarantee and contains a US-based customer support section.


Hurom is a South Korean company that’s been an innovator of state-of-the-art kitchen appliances for more than 40 decades.

The company began with the objective of producing products that are devoted to convenience and health.

In reality, a number of those earliest masticating juicers available on the market were created by Hurom 15 decades back.

Hurom has continued to innovate and improve juicing technologies in recent years.

Hurom’s present product line is chiefly masticating juicer or cold-press juicers; however, they also earn a citrus juicer plus a high-speed blender.

Hurom juicers range from roughly $300-$700.

The majority of the Hurom products include a 10-year guarantee on the engine and a 2-year warranty on the components.

The Hurom customer support is notorious for long waits and clients not being pleased with the mindset of those answering the requirements.

Hurom has an office in the united states and other nations worldwide but works and produces its products in South Korea.

The Hurom company also makes components and centrifugal juicers for different companies. It may be small known but among those companies that Hurom makes juicers to get is Omega.

Yes, you read that right. The Hurom company manufactures Omega’s juicers!

Vertical VS Horizontal

The principal difference between each of the centrifugal juicers in this guide is that the Hurom juicers are perpendicular, and the Omegas are flat.

What exactly does that mean? First, both these types of juicers are masticating juicers, or slow juicers, which produce nutritious cold-press juice; however, they do this in slightly different manners.

In flat machines, the drill or juicing screw is flat and is generally thinner and more than Vertical machines, which sit upright and have a lot bigger auger.

Horizontal machines are much better at juicing leafy greens and greens and will have added multifunctions, such as grinding for nut butter.

The Vertical juicers may find a marginally higher juice return and better get a more extensive assortment of juices that are smoother in flavor. Vertical juicers begin at a higher cost.

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Our Top Picks

Hurom H-AA

Hurom H-AA

The Hurom H-AA a part of what Hurom calls its Alpha series. Additionally, it has the maximum cost of everyone the juicers contained in this report.

The H-AA gets the sleek modern design of all the Hurom juicers and is offered in white, Matt Black, and gets a small exceptional designer look, improved gold.

Hurom vertical centrifugal juicers possess a distinctive spinning bowl, which ensures that your juice is blended, the display is kept clean, and additionally, it will maintain your juice till you are prepared to start the cap and fill your glass or jar.

The spinning bowl is a rinse feature that makes cleanup easier and permits rinsing between different juice.

I mean, who would like their berry apple juice to taste, such as the greens? With this machine, only add water while the machine is operating and whatever will be rinsed out.

The H-AA includes a coarse plus also a fine filter, and a control lever.

This permits you to fine-tune your juicing taste and feel and raise its flexibility, such as making almond milk and frozen desserts.

It also includes extra accessories that other Hurom Vertical juicers don’t, such as a drying rack to assist with clean-up and a tofu press.


  • Extra slow rate 43RPMs
  • Shade choice
  • Mixing bowl
  • Versatility


  • High cost
  • Cannot make nut butter

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Omega NC900HDC

Omega NC900HDC

The Omega NC900HDC is probably among the most popular Omega horizontal juicers.

It spins in 80 RPMs quicker than Hurom HP, but it’s a regular rate with this kind of masticating juicer. It’s a shiny chrome finish to your system, and weighing in at 21 lbs, it’s no lightweight!

This Omega includes five different flexible settings. This feature permits you to acquire optimal hardness regardless of what you’re juicing.

By way of instance, the most challenging setting 5 is to get carrots and wheatgrass. For veggies, 2 or 1 depending on how tender it is.

The Omega NC900HDC can make more than just juice!

It may make almond milk, peanut butter, grind coffee and spices, extrude pasta, make baby food, wholesome frozen desserts, and much more.

That’s the reason why the Omega horizontal juicers are called nutrition centers.

The following comparison is that the Hurom HP as well as the Omega NC800HDS. These are very similar to their counterparts at the inspection above but equally cost less and have fewer features.


  • Multiple hardness configurations
  • Multifunctional


  • Heavy
  • Cost


Omega and Hurom both offer a great variety of juicers, all of which can give you a great glass of juice. Of all the versions, Arcadia Ales recommends that you try the Omega NC900HDC. It is a beautiful masticating juicer that has so many functions that will take us by surprise.

If you would like to recommend a particular press, leave a comment, and help you solve your problems at the earliest! Thanks for reading.

Video: Preparing Healthy Vegetable Juice with Hurom H-200 masticating juicer

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