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Hydro Flask Vs Swell: Which Should You Get? [2021]

Hydro Flask Vs Swell

Which should you buy between Hydro Flask Vs Swell water bottles? Then Arcadiaales’s article below will help you decide better.

If you have been anywhere near a significant city over the previous five or so years, then you have probably noticed that a S’well Bottle or 2. And you have certainly seen a Hydro Flask. These brands have gotten so enormous and popular around the globe that there’s even a good chance you have owned you.

But if you are considering buying a new one, the similarities between both may leave you scratching your head. So for people who have always wanted a reply to this Hydro Flask Vs Swell discussion, we have been comparing both bottles for you a response.

Since our competitors provide double-wall insulated stainless steel bottles, it may be tempting to write them off as more-or-less the same. However, there are certainly some differences: in dimensions, in looks, cost, and insulating capability, to mention a couple. To answer these questions (along with a few more!) We have been subjecting our Hydro Flasks and also our S’well bottles into a battery of tests.

Hydro Flask Vs Swell Comparison

Hydro Flask Vs Swell Comparison



The two Swell & Hydro Flask utilize the finest quality materials in their own water bottles, such as food-grade stainless steel and plastic with no BPAs or phthalates in them. Even though there might be a few minor differences in their water bottles, the substances used are indistinguishable, so our opponents are in this region.


Swell may appear to get a little bit of an edge in this area due to their leak-free layouts, but their caps also are inclined to be less elastic than the Hydro Flask versions. The normal Hydro Flask comes in addition to a regular and a sports limit. Therefore we must give them the advantage in regards to cap layout.


Resistance to condensation is likely to make your own water bottle easier to grasp and will block it from becoming everything else moist once you transfer it. Even though Hydro Flask bottles are somewhat resistant to rust, Swell utilizes an insulation-free triple-layered design superior to Hydro Flask.

Winner: Tie


Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask utilizes a couple of features to keep your drinks hot or cold, such as a honeycomb insulated cap for improved temperature control. Most products also contain a double-wall layout that provides adequate insulation attributes without creating the jar too bulky. Regrettably, Hydro Flask can not match Swell’s comprehensive insulation process.


While Hydro Flask utilizes a double-wall layout due to its own bottles, Swell utilizes triple-wall insulating material, making their bottles much more immune to changes in temperatures. The 3 walls produce two vacuum pockets, making it more difficult for thermal energy (heat) to be moved in or out of this jar, also referred to as vacuum insulation.

Winner: Swell

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Ease of Use

One-Handed Use

Swell bottles have a screw-on cap that will ordinarily need both hands to remove, making them quite unsuitable for single-handed use. On the opposite end, Hydro Flask provides sports caps for many versions, letting them easily be popped open while the flip side is already inhabited.


If you enjoy bringing your own water bottle around with you everywhere, it’s going to need to be streamlined enough not to be an inconvenience. Swell layouts are usually thinner and somewhat easier to transfer. Therefore their bottles are going to be the ideal option if you’re constantly on the move and want your jar to take up as little space as you can.

Ease of Cleaning

Nearly all of Swell’s bottles feature a narrow mouth that’s comfy to sip away from but comparatively hard to clean since you can not fit your hands inside of these. Hydro Flask bottles are a bit easier to tidy up, as a number of these comprise wide-mouth layouts which make them accessible for cleaning.

Winner: Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask

If you’d like to personalize your water bottle and find the ideal color, you will enjoy the broad range of colors provided on Hydro Flask versions. Most colors include a satin sheen, making them pop just a bit more than polished or textured bottles. If you’d like a custom made jar that reflects you, Hydro Flask has you covered.


On the flip side, Swell also includes many good-looking water bottles, and their choices are a bit more varied than Hydro Flask as it comes to appearance. Alternatives range from metallic lace to fake teak and everything in between. We must give Swell the triumph in regards to aesthetics.

Winner: Swell

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Bottle Variety

Standard Water Bottles

Both producers comprise standard water bottle layouts, which are thin and tall with comparatively narrow mouthpieces. Swell’s standard water bottles tend to be a bit more impressive because of their no-leak caps, letting you place them in almost any orientation without needing to be concerned about your things becoming wet.

Wide-Mouth Bottles

Both manufacturers also offer you wide-mouth water bottles that are simpler to sip from, and you may also place ice cubes to keep your water cool through the day. Hydro Flask produces its wide-mouth jar with an incorporated straw, making it simpler to sip from with no own water sloshing out over the border.

Bottles for Coffee and Other Beverages

Both firms also supply coffee flasks and similar layouts for drinks that are not water. We are a major fan of Swell’s Roamer layout, which can be created for sharing a drink between friends because of its bigger quantity, which makes it an insulated, mobile pitcher. Yet more, Swell’s design philosophy wins them such a class.

Winner: Swell

Price & Value For Money

Hydro Flask

Despite incorporating a less complex design than several Swell water bottles, Hydro Flask versions often retail for a comparable cost, making their value for money somewhat less striking. It isn’t easy to justify choosing a Hydro Flask double-insulated water bottle for the same cost for a Swell triple-insulated jar.


Swell’s flagship products are just marginally more costly than Hydro Flask’s, but they are far more capable. With these products, Swell also offers their S’ip jar, which can be a less expensive alternative that’s still produced depending on their high standards. Swell takes home the win in our final group.

Winner: Swell

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While our results make it seem like Swell obtained by a landslide, they do not signify exactly how close a number of the groups ended up being between both of these fierce competitors.

But, Swell’s mix of build quality and value for money makes them the ideal option if you’re looking for a superior water bottle.

We hope this manual has made it simple for you to pick the ideal water jar manufacturer and make sure you stay hydrated.

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