Kitchenaid Classic Vs Artisan: Which Mixer Is Better? [2021]

Kitchenaid Classic Vs Artisan

Are you confusing by Kitchenaid Classic Vs Artisan? Take a look at the following post to know better.

Whether you are a laid-back food enthusiast or an exquisite cuisine aficionado, obtaining your food to taste perfect is quite essential; in addition to frequently, the premium caliber of your development depends on your kitchen space gear.

Yet, let’s be simple. Would you genuinely tell us precisely what distinguishes one compact KitchenAid house appliance out of an additional? You might not have the capability to. However, your wallet sure will. We compared two prominent boosters to help you ascertain precisely how much money you want to pay to acquire the mixer of your desires.

Kitchenaid Classic Vs Artisan Comparison table




Capacity 5-Quart 4.5-Quart
Bowl Material Polished Stainless Steel with Handle Brushed Stainless Steel (No Handle)
Flat Beater/Dough Hook + +
Wire Whip + +
Pouring Shield +
Wattage 325 250
Color Over 20 Colors 1 Colour
Warranty 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty
Use Cookie Yield – 9 Dozen Cookie Yield – 6.75 Dozen

Kitchenaid Classic

Kitchenaid Classic

The Kitchenaid Classic is a 10-Speed 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head stand mixer powered with a 250 Watt motor. It’s probably the best entry-level Kitchenaid mixer that’s available.

It includes a flat beater, dough hook, and a wire whisk. There’s also a power hub that could accept up to 15 extra attachments (sold individually).​

It’s the capacity to combine enough dough for around three loaves of bread or about six dozen biscuits.​

If you’re an occasional baker or cook and therefore need an excellent tilt-head stand mixer afterward, the Kitchenaid Classic is much more than appropriate for your requirements.

It’s a straightforward and simple to use mixer that’s fast to wash and in its cost is ​an excellent first-time purchase and ought to last lots of decades.


  • Smaller sized dimension: makes storing, training, and also moving the mixer much easier
  • The majority of the cost-effective class of KitchenAid mixers
  • Easy to use
  • Tilt-head design makes adding ingredients throughout blending fast as well as very easy
  • Features the coated dough hook, cable whip, and also covered flat beater add-ons
  • Covered under a 1-year guarantee


  • The bowl does not have a handle, which can make pouring a bit a lot more difficult
  • 275-watt electric motor, while powerful, will stress with bigger quantities or denser doughs and batters
  • Only available in 2 different shades, so not as customizable for specific cooking area decoration

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Kitchenaid Artisan

Kitchenaid Artisan

The Kitchenaid Artisan is a 10-Speed 5-Quart Tilt-Head stand mixer powered by a 325 Watt motor.

It’s a very similar layout profile to the Kitchenaid Classic previously. Nevertheless, it will have a couple of subtle differences concerning size and functionality.

The Artisan has a stronger engine at 325 Watts. Also, it’s a slightly larger mixing bowl in 5-Quarts. That mixing bowl may manage enough raw components to create about nine dozen biscuits and sufficient bread dough to produce four regular-sized loaves.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a pouring shield (unlike the classic), and it is mixing bowl includes a handle and is created from long-lasting stainless steel.

The Artisan is acceptable for a person in a small flat or even a tight kitchen area that still wants to perform some routine baking. If these are the intentions, then it is larger and more potent in size than the Classic, which will probably suit you better.

If you’re interested in something that could handle bigger sized mixes than Artisan, then another step upward from the Kitchenaid range is your Professional 600.​


  • The mixing bowl has to take care of, making pouring easier.
  • Super effective 550 or 575-watt motor (depending on which Specialist design you select).
  • Really spacious 6-quart dish can manage big jobs.
  • There are not as many colors as the Craftsmen, but the Professional 600-series can be found in over 20 shades.
  • In addition to the cable whip and a layered level beater, this class includes the PowerKnead spiral dough hook, which does an amazing job with large amounts of thick dough.
  • Some Professional designs (including the one I advise below) included the pouring shield, although not all do.
  • The bowl-lift style indicates the mixer will not shake and also move under effective massaging.
  • Covered under a 1-year service warranty.


  • Heaviest as well as the largest class of mixer, making relocating as well as keeping more difficult.
  • More expensive than the Traditional or Artisan courses.
  • While advantageous in various other areas, the Bowl-lift style makes adding ingredients and changing add-ons a little more time-consuming.

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Kitchenaid Artisan vs. Artisan Design

There are, in fact, two versions out there from the Kitchenaid Artisan range. The Artisan as recorded above and also the Artisan” Style.” The significant differences are purely decorative.

The ​Artisan Design includes a glass mixing bowl with handle, whereas the routine Artisan includes a polished stainless steel jar too using manage. The flat beater and dough hook are manufactured from burnished aluminum onto the plan, and the standard Artisan is coated alloy.

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Which should you choose?

Well, it will return to your budget and requirements. The Classic is the younger brother into the Artisan and is ideal for your beginner baker or merely the occasional person.

Saying it is still a good performer. Although it’s the infant of this Kitchenaid range, you still receive the great Kitchenaid reliability and quality all at a reasonable price point.​

In case you’ve got just a tiny bit more in your budget, then the Artisan is a much larger and more capable machine. Actually, for a little form counter-top mixer, which takes up a lot less space than a number of the larger, stronger machines accessible, the Artisan is a really competent buy.​

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