Magic Bullet Vs Food Processor: Which Is Better? [2021]

Magic Bullet Vs Food Processor

Suppose you’re a newcomer to kitchen appliances and wish to begin with fresh recipes but also confused to get appliances such as puree or sodas and figure out the differences between Magic Bullet Vs Food Processor. You don’t need to worry as I’m talking very much about it. This guide can help you outside to decide on the right for you.

Here’s a comparison table that can help You Recognize that appliance is best suited for several jobs:

What is a Magic Bullet?

What is a Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet is just one of those wise kitchen appliances, which resembles a little coffee mug. It’s used mostly to combine puree into a smooth consistency. It’s very straightforward to use because you do not need to press any button push the cup to trigger it. It’s quite helpful as a tiny amount could be combined into a puree that’s impossible in a bender. You have to get the ingredients, pour them into the cup, twist the blades, fix the cup to the energy base, and decide on the dial to slide to lock.

Your whole equipment will carry:

  • One cross blade
  • Two lip rings
  • Three size cups
  • Releasable lids
  • To-go cup
  • A power base

This system is portable and light with 200 watts of electricity. In simple terms, it’s a tiny powerful machine to produce your smoothies and zest easily.

This Magic Bullet has lots of different features built. It may execute the job of grating, grinding, chopping, and pureeing. You may face trouble using the tough vegetables and ice hockey, but you always have the option to purchase extra equipment for mixing vegetables. It does well with leafy veggies, protein powders, etc.

The positive component of the system is the fact that it’s cheap and is also accessible online. It’s super easy to wash as the cups are readily removed, and the lids and cups are safe to use in a dishwasher. It’s advised to wash out the attachment section together with warm water after each use. The problem in blenders is it is occasionally challenging to clean due to its narrow throat.

Allow Me to find out some Pros and Cons to get a Magic bullet:


  • Firstly, it is affordable.
  • Easily available
  • Easy to clean
  • Microwave safe cups
  • It is smooth to run
  • Tops in functionality
  • Easy to store


  • The size of the cups limits the amount to process food.
  • It is difficult to crush hard vegetables and Ice.

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What is a Food Processor?

What's a Food Processor

All the way here, we discussed Magic Bullet. Now, let us coin our vision towards the Food Processor. A food processor can be used to chop fruits and vegetables roughly. Additionally, it may combine, dice, and produce puree for a huge array of ingredients. The tough feel of any food isn’t an issue to slit into a blender. It normally has a mighty and sharp blade with a strong motor and broad and huge containers. Even though it’s a bit larger and may be thick, but the functionalities are not any less.

It can readily be used to create sauces, doughs, pesto, and much more, which, on the other hand, isn’t possible in a magic bullet. The wide bowl that accompanies a blender is beneficial for mixing the components, and the fantastic thing is that it prevents the components from over blending.

In this specific bowl, you might also pour the liquid and combine it with other solid ingredients. The blender is ideal to combine sauces and go nicely with puree. It may combine water and oil quite well since these are the fundamental ingredients for creating any sauce and spreads. Although occasionally, individuals prefer using magic bullets instead of food processors for producing sauces. The blender may not offer a smooth feel, which would be in the event of a magic bullet.

The food processor includes:

  • Different varieties of bowls along with a dough hook
  • Chopping blades
  • Sharp slicing and grating discs
  • Blending jugs(optional)

Nonetheless, this is not any less out of a magic bullet. It’s readily accessible online and in addition to local shops for kitchen appliances. It’s not hard to wash besides the narrow jugs. The bowls and other components aside from the engine are all safe to use in a dishwasher.

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Magic Bullet Vs Food Processor

Blenders such as the Magic Bullet is constructed to take care of liquids far better than a food processor.

Food processors are ideal for labor-intensive tasks, such as kneading the dough. Food processors have big mixing bowls, which makes it effortless to add in numerous ingredients at precisely the same moment.

There are a couple of jobs where one appliance may perform a much better job than another. While mixers like the Magic Bullet are very economical and efficient, they can’t do a lot more than mixing.

A high-end one may crush ice, create ice or buttercream in combination with mixing, but your typical magic bullet can’t compete with the number of functions that a food processor can perform.


The kitchen appliances marketplace includes higher medium or end food processors that arrive with different attachments for grinding, blending, and chopping. But if you would instead create more smoothies than proceed with magic bullets and compact heavy meals, it’s far better to use a food processor. If you’ve got a massive family, it is preferable to opt for a high-end food processor.

Video: Magic Bullet by Nutribullet Kitchen Express Chopper and Blender System on QVC

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