Nalgene Vs Hydro Flask: Which Should You Buy? [2021]

Nalgene Vs Hydro Flask

Are you confusing by Nalgene Vs. Hydro Flask water bottles? Take a look at ARCADIAALES’s comparison of these brands to decide better.

Nalgene Vs Hydro Flask Comparison

Nalgene Vs Hydro Flask Comparison

Thermal Insulation


Nalgene does have any thermally insulating material bottles, but many bottles are made from plastic. This usually means that Nalgene will not keep your beverage hot/cold for long (if you don’t purchase one of Nalgene’s thermos bottles).

Nalgene has ever been opting for the more practical, mild, and sports bottles. The thermal insulating material hasn’t been a selling point for them, with its upsides, which I will discuss below.

Hydro Flask

Unlike Nalgene, Hydro Flask bottles have been insulated and created from stainless steel. Because in the TempShield technologies, Hydro Flask bottles can keep your drink warm for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Therefore, if you would like your beverage to stay cold or hot within the jar, there’s a clear winner.

Winner: Hydro Flask

Weight & Portability

Nalgene Vs Hydro Flask Weight & Portability


Hydro Flask bottles tend to be thicker than Nalgene since they are made from metal. However, Hydro Flask remains light enough to continue daily if you don’t get one large bottle (such as 32 oz). Suppose you adhere with anything more significant than 32 ounces. You’ll be nice carrying it about.

Nalgene, on the other hand, is as light as it gets. Whatever the size of the jar you purchase, the sole weight will come from the liquid which you hold from the jar. In a sense, this makes Nalgene simpler for larger jar sizes. However, as always, it is up to personal taste anyhow you use/carry the jar.


Each of Hydro Flasks comes using a loop-top lid. This makes them simple to carry around on your hands since you do not need to be grasping the jar all of the time.

On the flip side, Nalgene gets the loop shirt just on a few versions; butchers are many Nalgene bottle hatch comes with no one. If you select the ideal version from Nalgene, there’ll not be a difference here between the two bottles.

But due to its lighter weight, Nalgene nevertheless comes out as a winner.

 Winner: Nalgene


Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are created for durability. Everything about their bottles is built to last- from the stainless steel construction to the slightly higher quality vinyl on the loop shirt. It’s more expensive, but you do get quality for the money.

You will probably have to alter the cap each 5-10 decades. However, a Hydro Flask can easily last you a life (if you do not lose it, that’s).


Nalgene is less lasting than Hydro Flask, only because it is made from plastic. It is a tough plastic that is difficult to dent or crack, but it can not compete with Hydro Flask’s metal construction.

On the upside, Nalgene is the kind of bottle you do not need to be worried about. In case it gets destroyed, it is fine. It is not money wasted because their products are rather inexpensive. They could take a beating without costing too much you need to understand is one more thing – grime and chalk can develop in the grooves around the lid of Nalgene bottles, which is inconvenient. That mostly does not occur with Hydro Flask’s glossy layout.

Winner: Hydro Flask

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Hydro Flask

Considering that Hydro Flask is lasting and insulated, it merely somewhat more maintenance than Nalgene. To put it differently, you should avoid washing their bottles in the dishwasher, meaning you’ll need to clean it from time to time manually. Not a significant thing.


Nalgene is much easier to clean and take good care of. You can wash them in the dishwasher. But the anticipated lifespan of this bottle is briefer, as it’s plastic after all.

Winner: Nalgene

Health & Safety

Nalgene Vs Hydro Flask Health & Safety

Hydro Flask 

Hydro Flask is as secure as it gets to keep the water clean with its stainless steel construction. And though the BPA-free plastics are proven secure, I get a bit more peace of mind by getting my water within a comprised made of good stainless steel.


Nalgene products are produced from reusable plastic that has been analyzed and made to be durable and nontoxic. There was some controversy concerning whether their products were bad for your health since they included BPA. Ever since that time, Nalgene has changed from using polycarbonate plastic into some safe no BPA formulation, so no worries there.

Winner: Tie

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Price & Value For Money


Nalgene is the less costly jar of both, undoubtedly. It is possible to locate Nalgene bottles for as low as $10, as you won’t find a Hydro Flask for under $30.

The upside is you don’t need to worry about losing or breaking your Nalgene bottle since it’s affordable. The drawback is you don’t get (1) thermal insulating material, (2) stainless steel construction).

If you do not care about thermal insulating material, then Nalgene will provide you the greater bang for your buck, hands down.

Hydro Flask

On the flip side, HydroFlask is more expensive, but you do get quality for the money. The materials are stronger, and it can last you a life, given you do not lose it.

Additionally, your beverage will stay warm/cold for the whole day, even if you would like it. If stainless steel design & Ceramic insulating material is essential to you personally, you need to get Hydro Flask.

Winner: Tie (depends upon your requirements)

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Hydro Flask is exceptional to Nalgene overall due to its stainless steel construction and thermally insulating material. But, also, it prices more and is heavier to carry around.

On the flip side, Nalgene only gets the job done. It is an essential, durable, proven water bottle that you could purchase on a budget. Additionally, it is substantially lighter.

If you are a lightweight hiker or a runner, then choose Nalgene. Hydro Flask is your better alternative if you’re searching for a durable water jar for your own office/car/college.

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