Best non alcoholic wine, low-alcohol wines for 2020

Wine is one of the most drunk drinks in the world. There are even people who are specialists in this drink and who are true connoisseurs. And the great thing about wine is that you can also find alcohol-free versions. It may sound strange, but in the end, it is good news since by drinking non-alcoholic wine, you can enjoy the taste of this drink, without ingesting alcohol. Even children and the elderly or sick can drink it.

Indeed, this version preserves the flavor of real wine as well as all its other characteristics except that it does not contain alcohol. Can be used for gastronomic purposes, it is an excellent drink to make an event friendly.

Best Non Alcoholic Wines 2020


1/ Nosecco Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

You should know that a drink is considered non-alcoholic from the moment when its alcohol content is less than 1.2%. NOSECCO sparkling white wine contains 0.5% alcohol. Therefore, it can perfectly be classified among non-alcoholic drinks. The alcohol content of this product is also very low compared to that of other drinks of the same type. This very low rate allows consumption without moderation of the product. Whatever the setting, be it a cocktail party, a wedding or a professional event, it is suitable for all occasions. In addition, it can be consumed by almost everyone. Indeed, its very low alcohol level allows children, pregnant women and people with heart disease to consume wine without fear for their health.

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2/ Lussory Premium Brut Vin Sans Alcool

With this product from Lussory, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink similar to wine, but without the slightest drop of alcohol. In case you don’t know how to choose the best non-alcoholic wines of 2020, this product will surprise you. This sparkling raw white wine without alcohol is a perfect aperitif and can be used with desserts and salads given its rich taste.

He offers a healthy drink straight from Spain. With its beautiful bright yellow color, its very pronounced fresh aroma, its sparkling pear and peach taste as well as its persistent foam, this sparkling drink can be considered as the best non-alcoholic wine with no side effects. Anyone can taste it without damaging their health.

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3/ Lussory Premium Merlot Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

During the holidays, nothing beats the taste of a good wine to get in the mood. There are all kinds: ranging from strong to sweet, from red to white, etc. If you like the aperitif formula, but alcohol is not your strong point, there are “free alcohol” alternatives. These bottles are devoid of all traces of alcohol and are generally sweet. In this sense, this Lussory Premium Merlot is a choice of master.

Made in Spain, this Lussory Premium red wine contains 0.0% alcohol. Its capacity is 750 ml. It weighs 1.2 kg. It is a light and sweet wine with a taste nuanced by red fruits and vanilla. It is an excellent aperitif, perfect to accompany meat dishes or vegetarian dishes. It can also be offered as a gift for an event. You will therefore pay particular attention to people who do not drink alcohol. This wine has a good taste, but also a nice design: sober and elegant.

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4/ Princess Alternativa Bollicine Bianco Extra Dry Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine

If you are looking for the best brand of non-alcoholic wines and have already tried using an online comparison, but to no avail, this pack of 6 bottles of 750 ml sparkling wine will probably make you happy. For those who have not yet tried dealcoholized wine, this Alternativa drink is anything but grape juice.

This is a drink that has been made through the same winemaking processes as usual white wines. The manufacturer has just carefully filtered the alcohol from the drink, which is normally fermented.

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5/ Alternativa Bollicine Rosato Extra Dry Sparkling Rose Non-Alcoholic Wine

In case you do not know which non-alcoholic wine to choose among those available on the market, you can direct your choice towards this product. It will surprise you a lot with its flavor similar to that of the usual wine. Anyway, its manufacturing process is identical to that of this classic drink, but we just extracted alcohol and caloric intake.

In addition, it has the same sulfites as the original wine. If you don’t know where to buy the best dry rosé wine from Alternativa, this product is available on the internet. You just need to order it online and wait for the delivery of your box of 6 bottles of 750 ml each.

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