Omega NC800 vs NC900 - Which Should You Get.

Omega NC800 vs NC900 – Which Should You Get? [2021]

Which is better between Omega NC800 vs NC900? Take a look at Arcadiaales’s article below to know better and pick the right one for you.

A juicer is just one of those vital elements in almost any household’s kitchen. We can’t envision a contemporary kitchen with no juicer. An ideal juicer could make our everyday life more comfortable with its functionality. The kitchen would not be complete without a juicer.

Nowadays, very low-speed juicer systems are extremely popular among home users since the machine is well-known as a means of juicing that may minimize heat oxidation and build-up.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed two of their top juicers called Omega NC800 vs NC900. You could even think about this guide for a comparison manual because many men and women become confused since both these slow juicers are excellent products and cannot decide which one they should purchase. Do not worry; we are here to clean your confusion so that you can find the perfect one for the kitchen.

Omega NC800 vs NC900

Omega NC800 vs NC900


The Omega NC800 and NC900 feature precisely the very exact measurements (14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches); however, they do not possess precisely the actual same weight. The very first version weighs 18,7 pounds while the latter weighs 13 lbs. They boast a reasonably similar structure at first glance. But where did people 5,7 pounds proceed?

Among the critical differences between both nc800 and nc900 are in the building materials. The Omega NC800 consists of 18/8 stainless steel, which arouses its weight. On the flip side, the NC900 is made from plastic.

Does everything depend on if you desire a movable juicer or a hardy, more lasting one? If you want my opinion, nothing surpasses stainless steel structures. Food-grade stainless steel is the gold standard in regards to kitchen appliances. Still, the NC900 is created from BPA-free plastic, which is a somewhat suitable replacement for stainless steel.

Essentially, both nc800 and nc900 slow juicers will get the job done if you want a compact, not too bulky juicer. Yet, in case you do not need to spend a lot of effort in moving it around the kitchen, then go for a milder one – the Omega NC900.

Feed Tube

Omega NC800 and NC900 have comparatively smaller feed chutes compared to Breville juicers. But they’ve increased-size chutes compared to other Omega juicer versions like J8003, J8004, J8005, and J8006.

When many clients have some complaints concerning the feed of preceding Omega versions, these two updated models can fulfill them. A number of the entire fruits and vegetables can be placed into the tube with no hassle. This not only reduces your hard efforts but in addition, it reduces prep time.

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Masticating juicers infrequently makes too much sound. Omega juicers, which make juices, smoothies, sorbets, and infant food, become a true joy. Neither of these versions makes an excruciating sound. If you’ve got a baby or reside in a bit of flat, a brassy juicer is a significant no-no.

The silent operation of this Omega NC800 and Omega NC900 is quite tough to conquer. But from my experience, there’s a small difference between both of these versions. The Omega NC900 appears to be more straightforward for a few reasons. It might be plastic absorbs the sound better than stainless steel.

It will not make a lot of difference, but if you’re searching for an almost noiseless juicer, the Omega NC900 may be it.

Food Preparation

Food PreparationAlthough Omega classifies the NC800 vs NC900 as “juicer extractor and nourishment center,” both of these units function differently with various kinds of foodies. For example, the NC900 functions best with veggies and citruses, leafy greens, root greens, nut milk and butter, and infant food.

The Omega NC800 is the sort of juicer you may earn almond and soy milk, nut butter, infant food, and many fruits and vegetables. However, since I already said, it does not work well with cucumbers and apples for a few reasons. When I was attempting to make apple juice, I received applesauce instead. Even so, this version still creates a hella great leafy greens, wheatgrass, and lemon juice.

Yet more, it comes to a straightforward question – what kind of juice would you like to produce together with your juicer? If you would like apple juice and cucumber-lime Mojitos, the Omega NC900 may be a better choice, differently – that the NC800 would do just fine also.

I found spraying carrots with NC800 or NC900 requires some excess time. Both units include marginally narrower feed chutes so that you may need to pre-cut carrots and other root vegetables. Even though this isn’t a significant deal and requires no longer than one minute, it is far better to understand what to anticipate ahead of time.

The Omega NC800 and Omega NC900 continue to be total winners, along with also my personal favorites when it comes to food preparation from the class of horizontal masticating juicer.

Juice Taste

Omega never misses when it comes to juice flavor, at least in my own experience. But I did notice a very slight metallic taste of my wheatgrass juice once I made it together with all the Omega NC800. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me like I already knew this might occur with metal juicers.

On the flip side, this never happened with my NC900. However, I still preferred the very first version for a couple of reasons. With a masticating juicer, there’s not much warmth involved, so oxidation can not spoil the flavor of your juice. If you would like to keep it in the refrigerator, proceed. Your dues will stay crisp and fresh for as much as 72 hours.

Omega NC800 vs NC900 - Juice Taste

But for some reason, the juice I created together with the NC800 remained nearly the same even after saving it three times while I could taste a difference in the juice I made together with the NC900. I am not mentioning here that the juice was awful in any way. It simply became a bit cuter, which isn’t a significant thing. The purpose is – that the NC800 gives a longer-lasting juice flavor and arrangement. However, if you typically do not eat juices older than one day, the NC900 would do just fine.

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Do not know about you, but I’m not fond of pulpy juices. Together with the Omega NC800, the pulp is dry as a bone. This makes it super-easy to divide it in the juice. Still, the NC900 failed me on a few occasions in regards to pure and clear juice. It was just too wet, and was able to slip in my glass.

Be aware that this sometimes occurred with my NC900, therefore not a deal-breaker if you don’t head pappy juices. But if you would like smooth and crystal clear juice, such as me, the NC800 is a much better alternative.

Meeting and Fixing

You’ve got two choices; you can construct NC800 vs NC900 for only juicing or innovative food processing. Both juicers are perfect for assisting you in 2 ways. For juicing, you need to build a food pusher, feed chute, drum, hopper, juicing strainer, auger, juicing nozzle, pulp and juice container, and primary figure.

For food processing, initially, you’ll have to disassemble a few components. Then build communicating strainer, drum cap, and some of those food processing nozzles. Do not be overwhelmed; assembling and disassembling are quite straightforward. You’ll require a max of 10 minutes.

As the cleaning largely depends on assembling and disassembling, it is possible to wash it effortlessly. Removable parts are dishwasher safe. Some components could be washed right in slightly warm water. In general, it’s fun to utilize these juicers whenever you desire.

Both the Omega NC 800 and Omega NC 900 juicers are top-notch juicers; both are excellent compact masticating juicers, simple to wash, and generates long-lasting juices. Then the only gap is in color – Omega NC 800, maybe Red or Silver; on the other hand, Omega NC 900 is chrome in color.

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WarrantyThe Omega NC800 vs NC900 equally include industry-leading guarantees of 15 years. This guarantee covers parts and performance, which are a significant pro. Most juicers have warranties that cover the components except the engine or do not cover functionality and components at precisely the exact moment.

But aside from the fact that a Warranty of 15- Year speaks for itself and demonstrates the durability of the two versions, I can not stay silent about a single thing. The Omega NC800 feels more lasting. This heavy-duty design gives an impression of specialist, long-lasting performance because of its construction substances.

The Omega NC900 is made from plastic, so it wears out quicker. Even though the warranty covers the plastic components too, I feel it would be somewhat annoying to be online with client support, searching for replacement parts year in, year out. The Omega NC800 needed a particular place in my kitchen for five decades, right? And it never failed me; that wasn’t true with this NC900.


If it comes to cost, the gap between Omega NC800 and NC900 is minimal. Does this reflect their overall operation too? Should you ask me, I’d pay a fortune for your NC800. This infant is entirely worthwhile, considering its durability and functionality.

But I’m not saying another version is anything less. It is only – I would not cover again for precisely the identical sum of money to get a product made from plastic. It’s somewhat nerve-wracking to consider whether something will crack in the procedure. Together with the NC800, there’s absolutely no second-guessing. This heavy-duty version is nearly unbreakable, which warrants its cost in the long run.

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Omega NC800 vs NC900?

Omega NC800 Or NC900

You may be considering the gap between the Omega NC800 along the NC900. There’s not a difference between both of these juicers.

How do I determine that could be a much better alternative for me? – you can inquire. You can think about two different things; look and price. While both have comparable qualities, Omega chose to provide them at another price point. You’ll come across the NC800 as somewhat more affordable than the NC900. Both omega nc800 vs nc900 have 15 year warranty.

If you appreciate durability initially, then the Omega NC800 masticating juicer might be the juicer that could fulfill your expectations. The Omega NC900 prices a little more, but it is sometimes a fantastic option if you can not move without dyes and apples.


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