Philips Air Fryer Vs Nuwave: Which Is Better? [2021]

Philips Air Fryer Vs Nuwave

We will pay for the differences between the Philips Air Fryer Vs Nuwave in the current article. You’re comfortable with them since you’re there so that we won’t devote too much time talking to them.

This will be a very informative and yet fascinating article. Consequently, if you’re planning to purchase any air fryer lid or air fryer in the not too distant future, do not neglect to read it until the end. I truly feel that you would have the ability to discover the answers to all of your queries. Yes, that’s how useful this guide will be.

What are the main features of the NuWave Air Fryer?

Nu Wave is an excellent lineup of products. The Nu Wave Air Fryers are efficient versions that provide you with value for the money. This leaves them a fantastic option even for those who wish to get the absolute most from the investment. Consequently, if you’re one of these folks like me, nicely, this is the thing to do!

But that does not mean that we need to overlook all of the features. So, the key features of this Nu Wave Air Fryer could be summed up at the next points:

First of all, the Nu Wave Air Fryer is an electronic version. This implies it is straightforward to use. It is both simple to program it and also to watch out for it. This makes your entire cooking experience a good deal easier.

Unlike the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer, the Nu Wave Air Fryer Permits You to place your desired temperature. This enables you to cook the dish which you want to cook properly.

What are the main features of the NuWave Air Fryer

The Nu Wave Air Fryer is among the hardly any machines which have an automatic pre-heat system. This makes it not just easy to use and very functional but also very versatile concerning functionalities.

You have to be asking yourself about how big by now. This Air Fryer gets got the typical potential of Air Fryers. It has a capacity of approximately 3.2 Quarts, the perfect capacity for a household of three.

You also have to understand that this version was certified as one of the Air Fryer business’s safest. In the end, Air Fryers is also a digital device. And digital devices need to pass through many tests to be certified safe. Therefore, when this Air Fryer understands the name of being among the most powerful in the entire sector, you have to understand how secure it is.

This Air Fryer can also be among the economically preferred versions. Frankly, I do not think I would call it cheap, but folks acknowledge it isn’t costly either. You could say it belongs to the reduced range concerning cost. But yeah, as I just explained, it is favored concerning financial viability.

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Our Top Picks

NuWave Brio 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer

This Brio digital air fryer out of NuWave is an excellent offering that allows you to eat healthier and crispy fried foods with no compromise made into the flavor of your meals.

Fried food is the life span of a celebration, as we’re there to have fun and yummy junk food is always the most pleasurable. After I changed into the NuWave BrioI had to be worried about how badly I had been destroying my heart with all the deep-fried food consumption.

The NuWave Air fryer XL comes in a large size when compared with the other products I have reviewed up to now. With product measurements measuring at 19.6 inches by 17.7 inches by 16.2 inches and the whole body weighing at a certain 19.38pounds, this appliance could cook for a bigger group of individuals.

It was a fantastic help whenever I needed to churn out starters and snacks in a household or friendly gathering hosted in my location.

This air fryer is very flexible so that you can cook just about anything with it. I’ve cooked a very long collection of things, ranging from crispy fried fish, poultry, and celery into mozzarella sticks. I’ve gotten the fryer to bake, grill, toast, and roast. This proves you might find a fantastic assortment of functionalities from a particular appliance, which is excellent value for money.

With this unit, you also receive a feature that lets you adjust the cooked meals’ temperature setting. This allows you to personalize your food so to secure far better outcomes. The temperature ranges from 100F to 300F with five configurations between them, providing you more control.

What’s more, the electronic timer built into the machine comes with an automatic turn off mechanism that guarantees your food doesn’t endure invisibly even when you’re not paying attention to it.


  • It lends you greater control while cooking.
  • It is also smart enough to prevent overcooking.
  • Accessory kits containing different sized fryer pans increase convenience.
  • Can cook quality fried food for a larger group of people


  • Sometimes fries don’t come out crisp.
NUWAVE BRIO 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with one-touch digital controls, 6 easy presets, precise temperature control, recipe book, basket divider, wattage control, PREHEAT & REHEAT Function
6,848 Reviews
NUWAVE BRIO 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer with one-touch digital controls, 6 easy presets, precise temperature control, recipe book, basket divider, wattage control, PREHEAT & REHEAT Function
  • HEALTHY FRIED FOOD! The BRIO uses super-heated air and a special air-flow design to cook crispy delicious fried foods without messy oil and extra fats and calories. Flavor-Infusion Technology allows you to air-fry all your favorites. Even cook from frozen, without defrosting. Perfect for busy households on the go!
  • EVERY MEAL, EVERY DAY- The BRIOs cooking technology means you can use it for virtually every meal of the day, and dessert! With a cooking range from 100F to 400F degrees, adjustable in 5-degree increments, and the included non-stick baking pan and cooking rack, you can air fry, broil, roast, grill, bake, reheat and even dehydrate… all in one appliance right on your countertop. With the basket divider you can ever cook 2 things at the same time. This is one appliance that does it all!
  • THE EASIEST WAY TO COOK- The 6-quart BRIO is the perfect size for cooking 3 pounds of French fries, 4 chicken breasts, over 2 pound of wings and much more. Its compact for small apartments, RV’s and dorm rooms. The perfect size for singles or couples.
  • We started the Air-fry revolution and now the BRIO is rated best in performance, features and value. The BRIO offers 1500 watts of cooking power with features you just won’t find on any other air fryer available today. HEALTHY FRIED FOOD is just a click away! Get your NuWave BRIO today!

NuWave Versatile Brio Air Fryer

This slick-looking air fryer from Brio with the black end is quite a looker while also doing a fantastic job of churning out fried foods that taste fried without being oily.

It does this by a hot air burst circulated across the fryer pan at a top speed to cook the meals contained inside. In my experience, I’ve gotten equally browned and crispy chips and chicken that tasted properly deep-fried, although they were not.

The flexible Brio additionally includes the same flexible temperature controller setting as the former version reviewed but using a relatively increased range between 100 levels and 390 degrees F. This temperature control attribute with five settings provides you greater freedom to control the period you want to cook your meals and how lethargic you need it.

The electronic and touch-operated LED display makes the experience of manipulating temperature considerably more suitable.

This air fryer out of NuWave also scores top marks in ensuring that the users’ security. Does the appliance feature automatic shut off if food is cooked, but it also sports a mechanism that simplifies startup when the food basket isn’t functioning correctly? This makes sure the avoidance of any kitchen accidents that could arise from carelessness on your part.

The air fryer also includes a food basket for a skillet that’s coated using a non-stick substance and contains no dangerous PFOA. This permits you to have fried food that’s not contaminated with poisonous substances, further raising the fryer’s overall health and safety variable.

Having a three-quart capacity, this unit proves to be a fantastic addition to your kitchen by helping make snacks readily during parties.


  • Easy to use LED screen for adjusting settings
  • Frying baskets can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.
  • The safety measures make you feel secure while cooking.
  • It gives you fried food without the excess fat content.


  • The wires may sometimes burn through their plastic covering.
  • The tray pan may get stuck inside.
NuWave Versatile Brio Air Fryer with One-Touch Digital Controls
828 Reviews
NuWave Versatile Brio Air Fryer with One-Touch Digital Controls
  • Air Frying - The Healthier Way: Makes scrumptious fried foods that taste the way they should, without the oily mess
  • Even Heat Distribution: Hot air combined with high-speed air circulation cooks your favorite foods evenly and quickly
  • Temperature Control: 100F to 390F temperature range in five-degree increments
  • Digital “touch-pad” LED controls ensures precise temperature and time
  • Built in safety control prevents unit from operating unless basket is in place

What are the main features of the Philips Air Fryer models?

What are the main features of the Philips Air Fryer models

Philips Air Fryer has been in existence for quite some time today. In reality, they also have gotten much attention and love at the summit of their business. Or if I say- They ARE the summit of this business. Well, however you choose to place it, they’re the bestsellers on the market. Thus, we have to consider their most important features. The Key features of these Philips Air Fryers could be summed up in the next words:

Three major bestsellers practically define Philips for a lineup of products in the case of Air Fryers. All these are the Philips Avance XL Airfryer 9240 Philips Avance XL along with the Philips Viva Series. The Philips Viva series has two versions: The Digital Philips Viva HD9230 Air Fryer along the Manual Philips Viva HD9220 Air Fryer.

Next comes the performance degree. Each one of these versions has a considerable degree of functionality. The Philips Avance XL includes a “Smart” preset that you save your custom preferences.

Each one of these versions is extremely innovative offers you a great deal of functionality. They also add flexibility to your kitchen appliances, which makes them worthwhile.

And needless to say, the company cares about you. Should you ever need assistance, Philips will be there for you.

But needless to say, as you have to understand, they are rather costly. Philips is not just among the inexpensive lines of products on the market. So yeah, you need to be ready to cover it.

Our Top Picks

Philips Viva Turbostar

The Viva Turbostar out of Phillips comes in a slick-looking black figure, which gives it a high-end appearance. It utilizes a continuous and always swirling flow of warm air directly evenly in the meals contained inside to cook it finely. This makes sure your food is cooked evenly throughout and also gets the same uniform flavor.

The process also has the further advantage of draining any extra fat your food may comprise, instead offering you great excellent health food with low-fat content.

This air fryer runs on electricity might require no preheating before you begin cooking. This suggests that the machine is ready to go at a minute’s notice when you turn it on. It saves you valuable time and energy whenever you want to fix up a quick bite at the end of a very long moment.

The most recent version of the presently available model on the market is 20% smaller in size. This makes it simpler to leave the appliance onto a countertop and save it space-consuming and simpler. The machine operates on electricity and consumes about 1425 watts of electricity.

What’s more, the air fryer comes equipped with a detachable basket for carrying the meals known as the QuickClean basket. This makes maintaining the appliance clean a hassle-free process since possible remove the basket out of the apparatus to wash it.

This basket comes at a non-stick coating that’s extremely simple to clean and doesn’t rust with constant moisture exposure.


  • A convenient size for easy handling
  • The cookbook is a good help for new beginners.
  • Serves healthy food that also tastes good
  • The color and design is stylish and easy to maintain


  • The timer cannot be turned off once set.
  • Food may sometimes lose its crunch.
Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer, Analog Interface
505 Reviews
Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer, Analog Interface
  • Up to 50% more homogenous end results with TurboStar Technology. Cord length : 40 Inches
  • Tasty food in less time: no pre-heating required
  • Easy clean in 90 seconds
  • Universal removable handle - easily exchange accessories
  • Detachable parts - dishwasher safe

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Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer

This HD 9240/94 Avance XL is just another excellent offering from Phillips which you can consider purchasing. This version also comes in a slick black color and layout that lend it a distinctive high-end appearance.

This gadget deploys rapid air technologies to circulate a flow of warm air throughout the device comprising food. This offers fried food that tastes fried but doesn’t comprise the surplus fat and dirt that such food does.

Weighing at 2.64 lbs and having a power of 3.5qt, this appliance is relatively large for an air fryer. Therefore, Avance XL is ideal for cooking as many as four people in 1 go.

The fryer comes equipped with an electronic and touch-operated interface, which goes quite a way to raise your convenience. It permits your customizations, so you get to prepare your meals just in the way you desire.

What’s more, it also includes a wise button that could memorize the food’s atmosphere that you love best. This decreases the manual input and effort you want to expend daily while managing the appliance.

You may just set your regular raw food in the basket provided with the kit, and also, the machine will automatically recognize the atmosphere where it ought to be fried.

If it includes your convenience, Phillips leaves no rock unturned, and this also includes providing you with a nonstick bowl to place your meals in while cooking. This basket is easily detached for cleaning and is dishwasher watertight to cleaning.


  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Can cook for more people at once due to the bigger size
  • Automatic settings and a digital interface make the unit smart.
  • It gives you healthy and tasty fried food that is perfectly crispy.


  • The non-stick coating sometimes tends to peel off
  • It can sometimes create a mess.

The differences between Philips Air Fryer Vs Nuwave

Well, the two of them are relatively different. Thus, let us Have a Look at the primary differences between these:

The NuWave is an electronic version. Philips Viva HD9220 is a guide version. If you’re trying to find a manual version, you need to visit Philips in this circumstance.

Again, Philips’s distinctive features, like Philips Avance’s “Smart” preset, allow you to want to choose Philips.

Philips takes the lead from a new name worth, making it a preferable version to several men and women.

But effectively, the Nu Wave is much more preferable. The Philips is quite a bit pricier than the Nu Wave.

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Which Should You Purchase?

Both brands are dependable with regards to producing quality products. The reviewed products are top-notch in providing you the fried food outcomes you want. Though the Phillips models provide you slick looks and reliability due to their smaller size, the NuWave air fryers provide greater control and produce a larger volume of fried products.

The Phillips versions are ideal if you would like to create some snacks for yourself or your household, while the NuWave fryers come in handy for when you’re hosting a social gathering. It would help if you chose based upon your precise needs, as you can not go wrong using any in such a comparison of Philips air fryer vs NuWave

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