Remember the Maine Cocktail

The origin of this cocktail is lost in the mists of time … All we know is that it has seduced generations and generations of young revelers eager to discover the charms of rum from all angles. We suggest that you try this experiment, in order to verify that it is indeed a universal law.



Number of people: 1

  • Water
  • 3 cl absinthe
  • 6 cl of whiskey (bourbon, whiskey)
  • 2 cl cherry liqueur (cherry brandy)
  • 2 cl red vermouth (martini, cinzano)



1 wine glass



  1. Make the recipe “Remember the maine” directly in the glass.
  2. Pour the absinthe over ice in the glass, and top up with water to the brim. Keep aside and pour the other ingredients into a mixing glass containing a few ice cubes. Stir. Discard the entire contents of the serving glass containing the absinthe and the water and pour the mixture into it, filtering the ice cubes (without rinsing the glass).
  3. Serve in a “wine glass” type glass.
  4. A lemon zest in the glass.



Extremist and elegant cocktail.