Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker: Which Is Better? [2021]

Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker

A lot of individuals frequently get confused between Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker. That is since they aren’t sure if there is any difference between both. But, these two cookers have features that differentiate them from each other. Both rice cookers and pressure cookers are incredibly similar concerning appearance and utilized to cook rice.

But they continue to be quite different concerning features. For people who don’t understand a great deal about cookers, a pressure cooker cooks rice at a considerably lesser period as compared to the rice cooker. After we get to understand all of the differences, your ideas regarding rice cookers may alter also.

Continue reading to the Key differences between both kitchen appliances:

What Is A Rice Cooker?

A rice cooker is a toaster kitchen appliance, a cooking tank heating electricity within it. Its automated operation makes it easy to use and also to cook or steam rice.

The thermostat is designed to guide the heat and ascertain the warmth of the cooking bowl. A rice cooker can also be called a steamer for rice. There are numerous other rice cookers with different technologies that are complex in the industry.

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What Is A Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is a wheat vessel used to cook foods with water or other liquid. Owing to its lid lock program, the pressure cooker requires less time and needs water to cook meals than cooking in an open bowl.

Kinds of Pressure Cookers

There are essentially two forms of pressure cookers: Electric Pressure Cooker (Instant pot, WonderChef, Panasonic, etc.) and Stovetop Pressure Cooker.

A Stovetop pressure cooker cooks quicker than an electric pressure cooker and requires lesser time to discharge pressure relatively.

The stovetop pressure cooker essentially has High Pressure, Low Pressure, and Standard Stress ranges. The electric pressure cooker (Instapot) has the highest pressure amount based on the numerous versions and the different makers.

When utilizing a stovetop pressure cooker, you want to lessen the heat once the pressure reaches its maximum. However, in an automatic electric pressure cooker, it is possible to eliminate this hassle.

Stovetop pressure cookers ordinarily don’t have an integrated timer. In contrast, all innovative electric pressure cookers have integrated timer attributes to keep tabs on their essential high-pressure time while cooking.

The stovetop pressure cooker has a comparatively lower cooking price than the electric ones, as the electric pressure cooker needs electricity to be utilized, which is pricey than utilizing gas.

The boat of this stovetop cooker may be used separately in slow cooking by maintaining its lid available. However, an electric pressure cooker doesn’t possess this feature and can’t be utilized as ordinary cooking, but many contemporary electric pressure cookers have to sauté, simmer, and multi-dimensional features.

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Do they seem similar?

Deciding between a fantastic rice cooker plus a flagship pressure cooker might be hard for a consumer who has room enough for an additional kitchen appliance or somebody that has a small budget.

The two devices seem pretty much the same following a passing glimpse. The majority of the time, both do seem similar. Not just that, but in contrast to conventional techniques, they cook rice quite well and possess impressive speeds.

But, I am here to tell you that there is a significant difference, and it is one which may make you think about having a rice cooker. Pressure cookers can cook rice greater and faster than rice cookers can, and in doing this, they have far more flexibility. You need to be curious to understand the difference between the two and their cooking fashion, so let’s get to the stage without further ado.

Pressure Cooker Vs Rice Cooker Differences

Pressure Cooker Vs Rice Cooker Differences

Rice cooker or pressure cooker both these appliances cooks meals by utilizing steam. But they have many differences concerning their cooking strategy, elements, and what foods they are utilized for cooking. Let us see these differences in this listing right below.

Kinds of Foods, they’re Utilized to Cook.

A pressure cooker works well for cooking a considerable part of the meat. To produce dishes like beef stew and pot roast, a pressure cooker will probably work best for you. Additionally, it works well to cook veggies like complete carrot and corn more quickly.

On the other hand, a rice cooker can be used to cook rice and a restricted variety of related dishes. There are a variety of varieties of rice cookers available on the marketplace. A single purpose rice cooker may only be used for cooking different kinds of rice. But some multi-functional rice cookers may be used to cook meat, fish, boil eggs together with vegetables, steam, etc…


The pressure cooker has a lid that could be sealed or sealed. The lid consists of a rubber lining, which prevents the steam from escaping out of the stove. What’s more, it consists of an internal pot, heat supply, and temperature or strain sensors.

On the other hand, a Rice cooker requires an external heating source, including a heating coil or mat. The system includes a high lid, and a number of them also consist of additional parts like a steaming basket or tofu manufacturer.

Cooking Method

Pressure cooking is a cooking method in a tightly sealed kettle where air or liquid does not escape a pre-defined stress amount. If the liquid reaches the boiling point, the steam is trapped and causes the pressure to increase within the room. The more significant strain functions to cook meals.

The heating source from the cooker is utilized for heating the rice using water or liquid. The liquid evaporates and turns into vapor due to warmth. Throughout the process, rice absorbs the liquid and becomes tender. When you start the lid at a stove, the liquid was fully absorbed, which means rice has been cooked properly.

Cooking Rice in Rice Cooker Vs Pressure Cooker

Thus, between rice cooker and pressure cooker, which is ideal for cooking rice?

Rice cookers will be the very best appliance to cook different kinds of rice perfectly concerning texture, taste, and odor. A rice cooker features automatic shut-off and keep warm functions and is considered an energy-efficient approach to cook rice compared to the usual stove-top pot. But unless It’s a multi-functioned cooker, a rice cooker Can’t Be utilized to cook anything else besides rice.

On the flip side, pressure cookers with multi-functioned features may also be utilized as slow cookers and rice cookers. Possessing a multi-functional pressure cooker in your kitchen means you don’t have to purchase a rice cooker individually.

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Which Device Can Better Job of Cooking Rice?

Which Device Can Better Job of Cooking Rice

If it comes down to this, which apparatus does a much better job of cooking rice? First, consider the single-function rice cooker and regular pressure cooker. Both appliances have advantages and limitations.

Rice Cooker Benefits

  • Rice cooks may cook different kinds of rice perfectly concerning odor, taste, and texture.
  • They also come equipped with a hot stay feature, which will keep the rice warm and ready to function for many hours.
  • The automatic shut-off feature will turn off the machine after the rice has finished cooking, allowing for a whole hands-off cooking process.
  • This sort of appliance is much more energy-efficient than cooking a pot of rice on the stove.

Rice Cooker Disadvantages

  • If you don’t purchase a version with multi-cooking works, a rice cooker does not do much besides cooking rice. But it may be used to cook different varieties of food like veggies and fish, but it cooks rice and food quite gradually.
  • The kettle is not sealed so that the inner temperature can hit the boiling point of water. As a result of this, a rice cooker is not successful in sterilizing items or tenderizing meat.

Pressure Cooker Benefits

  • Pressure cookers require less water for cooking and may cook food faster.
  • As it operates by cooking over the usual boiling point of water, it may also destroy bacteria found in food and may be used to sterilize baby bottles, glass bottles, and cans. To find out more about pressure cooker security, read my manual about how strain cooking kills germs?
  • Many pressure cookers may be used for pressure canning and water bath canning.
  • The cooking pot on a pressure cooker is sealed to retain nutrients and taste more efficiently. This usually means the food will probably also need less added seasonings.

Pressure Cooker Disadvantages

  • These appliances are costly, heavy, and bulky.
  • Since they could reach higher stress levels and temperatures, there are many security concerns connected to utilization.
  • They can Be Hard to clean and keep
  • A number of the components need to be replaced through time, like the gasket.

Which Should I get?

Necessity is the thing that makes your appliance better than another. In case you need to pick between them both, consider the sort of functions you want the appliance to do, what meals you wish to create, and which sort of foods you prepare the most frequently. If you consume rice many times weekly, then it is logical to purchase a dedicated rice cooker.

An electric pressure cooker will cook rice together with all the push of a button, the same as a rice cooker. However, the stovetop pressure cooker provides more versatility and is frequently priced more easily.


If it comes to pressure cooker versus rice cookers, there are not many similarities between them apart from the fact that steam can be used to cook meals. A rice cooker is a superb option if you cook rice and steam veggies many times every week or desire a hands-off approach to create a pot of oatmeal. But that is where their flexibility finishes.

Using a pressure cooker, you also choose to purchase an electric or stovetop version, and they are sometimes used for cooking pots of stew, braising roasts and cows, sear meats, and cook rice. The single feature a pressure cooker lacks a rice cooker provides is that the stay warm feature. A rice cooker also supplies a more hands-off approach when compared with your stovetop pressure cooker, but the pressure cooker is much more flexible and can do much more than the rice cooker.

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