Seven And Seven Drink Recipe 7&7 Cocktail

A seven and seven are a premium cocktail, an alcoholic beverage containing Seven Crown and 7 Up Seagrams. It is often served with rocks. The 7up complements this rum punch with its sparkling and deliciously tart flavors. This punch does not require any time to rest in the cool before being appreciated, it will suffice for this to garnish generously with ice cubes.



  • Scottish whiskey 5cl
  • Honey syrup 3cl
  • Lemon juice 3cl
  • Orange juice 4cl
  • Orange 40g
  • Honey 1cl
  • Walnuts 10g
  • Crushed ice 80g
  • 200g ice cubes



  • Red wine glass: 1unit
  • Shaker: 1unit
  • Cocktail strainer: 1unit
  • Bar measurement: 1 unit
  • Citrus juicer: 1 unit
  • Straws: 2 unit



  1. Fill a red wine glass with crushed ice
  2. Pour 3 cl of lemon juice, 4 cl of orange juice, 3 cl of honey syrup and 5 cl of Scottish whiskey in a shaker
  3. Fill the shaker with ice and hit
  4. Filter in the red wine glass
  5. Decorate with an orange wedge and nuts covered with honey