Simple Modern Vs Hydro Flask: Which Is Better? [2021]

Simple Modern Vs Hydro Flask

Don’t know what are the differences between the two Simple Modern Vs Hydro Flask Water Bottles? Do you want to find yourself a suitable brand?

Then you have come to the right place! Here, we provide information on the pros and cons of both products to help you consider them.

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Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Bottles

Hydro Flask is the first pioneer of this vacuum insulated water bottle technology. People can utilize water bottles for numerous functions such as outdoor adventuring, travel, sports, and usage around the house.

Since the water bottle is steady on the bigger side of the purchase price range, men and women are usually purchased by men and women who demand robust and durable water bottles for their outdoor adventures.

There are seven different sizes available for the Hydro Flask, which range from 12 to 64 ounces. Additionally, you’ve got more than fourteen accessible water jar colors to choose from—these in solid colors that arrive in neutral colors, lighter pastels, and vivid, saturated tones.

The patented insulation layout is named TempShield. It’s effective at maintaining icy drinks hot or drinks cold suspended for up to 24 hours at one time, and it may keep the warmth of warm beverages for as many as 12 hours at one time. There are not any phthalates or BPAs utilized in the jar.

Hikers and backpackers tend to gravitate toward the wide mouth bottle layouts because the mouth’s dimensions usually mean that placing ice indoors and filling the jar is simple.

Additionally, the wide-mouth water bottles are compatible with nearly all water bottle filter methods, which means it is possible to refill from a mountain spring.

Each Hydro Flask jar also includes a limited lifetime guarantee. In case you encounter any difficulties with a jar, it is possible to get it replaced with no issue.

The powder-no-slip coat tends to remain intact for many years, even when the bottle goes through a great deal of rough handling.

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Simple Modern

Simple Mordern

Hydro Flask bottles are labeled as the water jar to get its hardcore adventurer. By comparison, Simple Modern bottles have been made more for clients who need water bottles that are both functional and beautiful.

Many decorative water bottles in the marketplace do not possess a proper insulation system, contributing to decreased temperature control and external condensation. Simple Modern bottles have the same insulation functionality because of the Hydro Flask. Therefore, they behave like bottles created for external use while still using a reasonably outside.

Instead of being sorted by dimension, the Simple Modern bottles have been broken up into many different design classes. These contain the Summit Water Bottle, Ascent Water Bottle, Bolt Bottle, and Wave Bottle. Each collection is offered in a range of different sizes. The largest available size is the 84-ounce jar out of the Summit collection.

The pricing of these bottles may fluctuate widely based on the collection, they come from, and the dimensions. There are several trendy designs, such as prints and patterns in several different colors. The Concept and Fusion collections have fashionable designs, although the Summit water bottles come in more conventional solid colors.

The plan is BPA-free and contains a vacuum insulated coating with a unique copper coating.

Simple Modern vs HydroFlask Comparison


Among the most crucial differences between Simple Modern and HydroFlasks bottles would be the price. Vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle tends to be more costly than plastic bottles due to craftsmanship and materials. Nonetheless, the cost difference between both of these kinds of bottles is modest mind-boggling.

There is often a correlation between an item’s purchase price and just how excellent the quality is, but that is not always the situation. HydroFlask is famous for its high-quality products in addition to their cost. On the other hand, the Simple Modern bottle lineup is a less costly choice.

Sizes Available

Both Simple Modern and HydroFlask bottles come in many different sizes. Simple Modern bottles range in size from 14 oz (414 mL) to 64 oz (1893 mL). HydroFlask’s vacuum insulated water bottle comes in two dimensions: 32 and 40 oz (946 and 1183 mL).

The bigger bottles are acceptable for school-aged kids and teens, and also, the bigger bottles work well for adults. You can package the 14-ounce jar into your child’s school bag, fill out the 18-ounce jar with java before going to work or utilize the 40-ounce jar to remain comfy on a road trip. The assortment of sizes means that you may select the bottle size best suited to your lifestyle.


Generally, most insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps beverage water cold for 24 hours and warm for 12. Also, HydroFlask and Simple Modern is no exclusion. However, a few of the bigger bottles we reviewed managed to keep drinks cold for more than 30 hours, a few becoming even closer to 40 hours, according to their dimensions.

Colors & Designs

Simple Modern’s Summit bottles not just come in many different sizes but also colors and layouts. Color availability varies according to that which size jar you need, but even so, you will not be disappointed by choice. The most challenging part about purchasing a Simple Modern jar may be choosing the layout you desire!

HydroFlask’s water jar does not have as big a color choice as Simple Modern’s, but the comparison is hardly reasonable. The majority of the vacuum insulated water bottles we have reviewed do not have more than a dozen colors to select from, like Simple Modern’s Summit bottle. HydroFlask’s water jar color option includes neutrals such as graphite and white, to some glowing blue and pink.

In general, attractiveness (or even in water bottles, performance) is really about the interior. Our comprehensive product inspection for Simple Modern and HydroFlasks’ water bottles is just ahead!

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Which is better?

Hydro Flask and Simple Modern are equally reputable brands that produce high-quality insulated stainless steel bottles. Selecting between the two could be tricky because of their construction similarities. However, there are a couple of elements to consider to assist you in deciding.

If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast or an energetic person who needs a tough jar, Hydro Flask will be a better option.

Hydro Flask will have more favorable testimonials from outdoorsmen, many citing the way that casual drops and standard wear-and-tear do not leave their bottles harm. Hydro Flask’s Flex Cap also has a loop on top, making it effortless to carry, and they are standard with bottles. You will also find a range of different harmonious accessories, such as a sport-style cap.

If you would like to have a cute water jar to take trekking and use daily around your house, work, or college, you may be happier with a Simple Modern bottle.

Though Hydro Flask comes in a vast range of colors and color combinations, they offer you solid colors. Simple Modern comes in somewhat similar sound colors. However, they differ in a lot of different designs and textures, which are also offered. You’ll discover bottles with color gradients, faux wood layouts, wavy watercolor finishes, and much more.

Another aspect to consider is if you’re planning to utilize your jar for drinks hot beverages frequently. Both bottles keep drinks water cold for up to 24hrs; if it comes to hot drinks, the Hydro Flask keeps your beverages hot drinks for up to 12hrs. Simple Modern bottles keep beverages hot or cold for up to 8hrs.

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