The Best Toaster Of The Moment

The toaster is the staple of breakfast. With this kitchen utensil, you get a crisp, preheated and golden bread! For lovers of toast, having a quality toaster is essential. Indeed, although this equipment starts from a simple principle, all the models on the market are not equal. It is therefore important to choose the right toaster.

The Best Toasters To Buy in 2020


1/ Philips HD2637/90

The Philips HD2637 / 90 opens our list of the best toasters of the moment by its performance and versatility. It is a toaster with wide and deep slits that will accompany you in the early morning. Thanks to its centering system, it can adapt to all bread dimensions (thick, thin, etc.) by keeping it in the center of the appliance and ensuring uniform browning. It is also equipped with a heating grid which you can use to heat rolls and pastries. As well as a crumb tray to avoid crumbs everywhere. The practical Philips HD2637 / 90 has a defrost function to defrost and toast your bread simultaneously. With its eject button, you will have the possibility to stop the toaster whenever you want. Easy to handle, the body of the device stays cool during use. Enjoy your delicious morning breads with this Philips brand toaster.

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2/ Severin AT 2260

We appreciate the Severin 2260 for its great practicality. This toaster is designed in stainless steel with high quality insulating walls to guarantee a cold touch. It has a dedicated support for reheating rolls as well as a defrosting option with indicator light. You will no longer end up with badly toasted or too burnt breads with this toaster. The cooking time and the browning level are adjustable according to everyone’s expectations. The slots have a variable width to ensure a regular browning of your breads. Sliding crumb tray, cord storage, and automatic shutdown are some of the highlights of this unit. It sports an elegant design that adapts to all styles of cooking. Thanks to its power, the Severin 2260 will be the best ally for its upset alarm clocks.

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3/ Philips HD2581/90

The Philips HD2581 / 00 is a toaster with an elegant design. It will easily find its place in your kitchen while adding a touch of modernism. Behind this beautiful appearance, there is also a good performance. Indeed, this device offers several functions which facilitate its use such as the defrosting function to defrost and toast frozen breads, the over-rearing function to easily remove small slices as well as the pastry-warming function. It also includes an adjustable thermostat with 8 levels to obtain golden breads according to your preferences and a stop button at any time. Easy to clean, it is equipped with 3 effective crumb trays. The Philips HD2581 / 90 is the perfect companion for those who like toast and toast for breakfast.

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4/ Moulinex Multipan On Off

The Moulinex A15453 toaster is a simple and compact device that will not disappoint you with its efficiency. It has been designed to store and transport easily thanks to its compact shape. For your family breakfasts, this toaster will be able to accommodate up to 4 slices of bread at the same time. This kitchen equipment is equipped with racks on which you will be able to hang your breads in order to heat and brown them. Ingenious, you can follow the browning of your breads at any time and stop the appliance once you have the desired result. Easy to handle, the handles of the Moulinex A15453 remain cold during use to avoid burning themselves during the removal of the bread slices. This versatile toaster is suitable for all types of bread, even the thickest. Designed in stainless steel, this device will accompany you during your breakfasts over several years.

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5/ H.Koenig Grill- Toaster Special Baguettes Tos28

The H.Koenig Tos28 toaster completes our selection. It has a 7-position thermostat so that you can adjust the browning of your breads according to your expectations. Thanks to its immediate shutdown and extra-high ascent system, you can stop the device whenever you want and avoid burns. It also offers a defrosting function allowing you to defrost and reheat your breads without preheating. This toaster is perfect for baguette slices, particularly because of its special baguette length. The presence of a removable crumb tray at the bottom of the appliance simplifies its maintenance. The 1500 Watts power of the H.Koenig Tos28 guarantees a quick and uniform cooking result. To prepare your breakfasts in no time while enjoying good golden breads, this toaster is what you need!

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6/ Tefal TT356110 Toaster

We continue our list with the Tefal TT356110. It’s an easy-to-use toaster that will be your perfect partner in preparing your breakfast. This appliance makes it possible to defrost and heat the breads at the same time thanks to its defrosting function. Its 850 Watts power ensures uniform cooking. It offers an effective reheating function to reheat already toasted breads without the risk of over-burning. This toaster has two wide slots to fit all of your breads, even the thickest ones. Its stainless steel design gives it great longevity and beautiful aesthetics. Thanks to its stop function you can immediately stop the toasting at any time. This appliance is equipped with an adjustable thermostat at 7 levels to meet your needs. Its three crumb trays allow easy maintenance. Get a compact and functional toaster with the Tefal TT356110.

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7/ Smeg TSF01PGUS Toaster

The toaster Smeg TSF01PGEU will seduce you with its retro 1950s aesthetic, its water green and steel color but also by its compact size! Equipped with 2 extra-large slots, 6 browning levels, 4 functions, an automatic centering system … Everything is there to give you the best performance. With its stamped steel design, it offers strength and durability and its water green color allows it to integrate into all types of kitchens, from the most classic to the most modern. The toaster fitted with two extra large slots has a defrosting function: if you have frozen bread, don’t hesitate! Take it out, place it in the slots and enjoy it! The reheat function is ideal for enjoying bread at the right temperature. The Bagel function allows you to toast only one side of your bagels and muffins. A stop / eject button facilitates the interruption of the toasting cycle at any time.

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