Tiger Vs Zojirushi: Which Rice Cooker Is Better? [2021]

Tiger Vs Zojirushi

If you think of buying a full-featured rice cooker that is both full-featured and compact, then Tiger vs Zojirushi will be a great choice.

But you still can not distinguish the similarities and differences of these two types? Arcadia Ales will provide all the necessary information to help you better understand the product.

Tiger Vs Zojirushi Similarities

Tiger Vs Zojirushi Similarities

They are both flexible.

You’re likely getting a perfect rice cooker so you can make sushi rice. However, it is the one thing you are going to use the rice cooker and warmer. You’ll end up making plain neuro fuzzy rice cooker along with the occasional brown rice more times than you believe.

Both brands create versatile rice cookers (great at obtaining numerous items done). In reality, you will find just two Zojirushi cookers that have configurations for baking cakes. Of flexibility, Tiger takes the decoration. Using their bestselling version, you reach more with the identical unit. Imagine having a rice cooker that cooks soups and stews, and it might bake bread also.

They make the most from technologies in their units.

From embedding microcomputers into traditional, electric rice cookers using induction heating technologies, both manufacturers use innovative technologies in their products. Zojirushi appears to be faring better in innovation.

With their most recent version, the brand asserts the neuro fuzzy rice cooker promotes cooking temperatures to fresh heights. The final result is that it creates softer rice cooking time, which remains soft for much longer.

Their cookers automatically adjust synchro cooking requirements determined by the food.

Together with the two rice cookers, detectors are placed in position, and they correct the device’s temperature to match the food you’re making. This, of course, guarantees ideal meals each time you are utilizing their components.

Both combine feature fuzzy logic technology.

This provides more cooking time preferences but of course at a cost. Models, including this technology, are inclined to be more expensive. If you are looking around for a multipurpose device, you will benefit most from this technology.

They have product lines in Japan and China.

Both brands have products produced in either nation. The tag on the device will generally indicate where the model originates from.

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Zojirushi Vs Tiger  – Difference Between Their Features

Zojirushi Vs Tiger Rice Cooker - Difference Between Their Features

Zojirushi vs tiger, the two rice cooker and warmer manufacturers, is top-rated because of many essential features. There’s a comparison between Tiger and Zojirushi features so that you can decide on the most suitable one.

Additionally, some Zojirushi versions have baking features, plus you may consequently bake as you cook rice. Much like Zojirushi, Tiger versions also include numerous functions. In reality, their most recent versions have slow cooker configurations that enable the consumers to prepare soups and stews.

Different types of Rice Which Can Be Cook

Considering the two Zojirushi and Tiger are rice cookers, there’s a little difference in the kinds of rice perfectly cooked rice with every one of those brands. Tiger rice cooker provides a broad range of synchro cooking options, including ingestion of jasmine rice, white rice, and brown rice.

If you would instead cook rice those things of rice, then Tiger is the rice cooking you want to consider. Additionally, it cooks other kinds of foods like curry, chili, stew, soups, along with your favorite seasonal recipes.

Zojirushi rice cookers have cooking rice functions that enable you to cook rice varieties of rice or even types. These types include Jasmine rice, brown rice, white rice, blended, as well as sushi rice.

Cooking Technology

If it comes to their cooking technologies, the Zojirushi is somewhat better than the Tiger. Since the Zojirushi lately added new technologies on its line. As stated by the producer, their recently released versions can control the synchro cooking temperature. It can raise the temperatures based on the character of the meals being cooked to amounts that can make it softer.

Contrary to Zojirushi, Tiger utilizes fuzzy logic technology and has majored in it. This technology enables the pressure cooker to automatically feel temperatures and adapt it to the top levels that will cause a high quality of meals.

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Menu Cooking Settings

Tiger has eleven cooking preferences, while Zojirushi has just three. That means if you love trying out different menus, then the Tiger will be the ideal choice to select from. Or if you would like a pressure cooker with between three and one menu configurations, the Zojirushi will be the best choice for you.

Zojirushi is mainly for people who desire a rice cooker for cooking rice tender rice or regular rice. You can quickly cook both of these sorts of rice and keep them warm function with the automobile keep-warming feature.

Tiger’s eleven configurations consist of vanilla, brown, plain, slow cooking, oatmeal, ultra, blended, and bread-making, amongst others. On the other hand, the Tiger rice cooker certainly is most excellent if you’re trying to find a multiple-use rice cooker.


If it comes to their functionality, both of these work great concerning food quality. It is always suggested that buyers select additional miles to inspect the general performance of a large perspective. By way of instance, you can assess durability, ease of use, and maintenance as a means of specifying the operation of those cookers.

Compared concerning functionality, the two of these somehow drop in precisely the same degree. There aren’t any significant complaints by consumers against these two major rice cookers.

Manufacturing Country

It is significant for most people to understand where the rice cooker and warmer created they would like to purchase because most people today feel that the manufacturing state is a significant fact to estimate the product’s standard.

However, the Tiger Rice Cooker was created in Japan while the Zojirushi Rice Cooker was Produced in China. And we thought that it is not important where they’re made. Significant details are the grade, materials, engineering, etc.

Warranty and Repair

Both businesses give buyers a guarantee of a single year. That means the period clients will appreciate free repairs or replacement will be the same for both of these gadgets. The two of the brands have a few different terms and conditions you have to be aware of before purchasing a cooker.

In comparison to these in terms of their guarantee, Zojirushi provides a better guarantee than Tiger. Having a Zojirushi rice cooker, you don’t have to register the product after buying to take pleasure in the guarantee.

For Tiger, on the other hand, its instance is a bit different. You have to enroll your rice cooker when purchasing it to delight in the provided warranty period. Additionally, the guarantee covers the repair of electrical materials only.

Which Is Better?

Buying a fantastic rice cooker will make sure you will have perfectly cooked rice in any way times. The two Zojirushi and Tiger are well-known Japanese manufacturers producing excellent products for several long decades. As there’s a massive difference in their cost, the Tiger would be well worth the investment.

If you would rather a multi-tasking rice cooker and warmer, the Tiger, nevertheless, is an excellent pick for you. Or if you just prefer to prepare perfect rice, then you’ll be excellent with all the Zojirushi perfect rice cookers.


In my opinion, after the testing process, the Tiger prevailed. It is not only beautiful, has all the necessary functions but also has a low price. I have verified its quality.

If you have any questions that need answers, leave a comment below, we will answer them all. Thank you for reading!

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