Wolf Vs Thermador Cooktop: Which Is Better? [2021]

Wolf Vs Thermador Cooktop

Are you confused by Wolf Vs Thermador Cooktop? Keep reading ARCADIAALES’s post below to know better.

You want to buy a cooktop suitable for the kitchen space but wonder which brand to choose. The clearer the differences and similarities between the products, the more you should read this article.

Here we conduct an in-depth analysis of two products, Wolf and Thermador Cooktop. They are the most popular products on the market today. I hope you will find the right product for your requirements.

Wolf Vs Thermador Gas Cooktop - What Are The Differences

Now you understand precisely what Wolf and Thermador ranges are; it’s possible to understand the differences between both of those kitchen ranges. To aid you, we will discuss a few variables where these cooking channels do not agree together.


If it’s to do with measurements, you might not discover any difference between Wolf and Thermador ranges. Both ranges typically arrive in 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches, whereas both 48 and 60-inch heights of both businesses provide you dual ovens.

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Gas Systems

Both Wolf and Thermador range include gasoline, induction, or dual-fuel system. If you compare precisely the same gas program’s contents, you won’t discover any significant difference. But, dual-fuel ranges are the best choices in contrast to other women and men.

Heating Elements

Thermador ranges include a Star burner layout, whereas Wolf ranges have burners utilizing around the construction. As a consequence of the Star burner layout, the Thermador contents economically transfer more heat, ensuring more exceptional heat distribution than Wolf ranges.

BTU Output

Regarding BTU output, Thermador Pro Harmony models comprise 18,000 BTU, and Thermador Pro Grand versions have approximately 22,000 BTU. The Pro Grand versions also incorporate an ExtraLow burner for noodle soup, meat, and veggies.

On the opposite side, gas Wolf ranges include 15,000 BTUs, while dual-fuel Wolf ranges have approximately 20,000 BTUs. Like Thermador, a few Wolf ranges may provide the capacity to simmer a huge choice of foods in low temperatures.

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Cooktop Combinations

Considering that Wolf and Thermador ranges are somewhat different in proportion, they can consist of various cooktop mixes. A 30-inch Thermador range generally comprises four or five burners using instance, though a 30-inch Wolf range features just four burners.

A 36-inch Thermador stove provides 6 or 4 capsules with a built-in griddle or grill based upon the gasoline system. By comparison, a 36-inch Wolf range may also incorporate the identical range of burners but carries a griddle or a built-in infrared Charbroiler.

In addition to this, a 48-inch Thermador cooker has 6 to 2 burners and a grill or griddle. Or, it features four burners with a grill or griddle, six strands with an induction cooktop. But a 60-inch Thermador range includes six burners and a griddle or grill.

Again, a 48-inch Wolf range comprises similar features to some Thermador amount of precisely the same dimensions as typically. However, it may change when built-in infrared Charbroilers, dual griddles, and French shirts. For this reason, you should select one according to what cooktop combination you want.

Oven Types and Performance

Thermador ranges naturally have convection ovens, particularly in 48 and 60-inch versions. The ovens ensure even heat distribution through cooking surfaces, allowing one to prepare your meals quicker than other cooking choices.

On the contrary, Wolf ranges contain double convection systems using a couple of convection fans. They enable you to control the oven temperature and trigger the fans if you want them. Consequently, within this situation, we believe Wolf ranges would be the winner.

Core Components

The two Thermador and Wolf ranges have different components. To start with, Thermador ranges provide telescopic racks. It’s easy to slip out with gripped handles. They also consist of touchscreen color TFT screens utilizing a great deal of functionality.

Aside from that, ranges in the manufacturer, Thermador, provide you with a multi-point meat probe so that you can measure the internal temperature of your beef. As a result of this, you may perfectly cook meat and meat-like components together with security.

Meanwhile, Wolf ranges have modern red knobs. They also provide touchscreen control panels and screens (as an example, Thermador). Much like Thermador ranges, they’ve some racks which permit you to remove and include food very quickly and securely.

Intelligent Features

Thermador ranges include a HomeConnect attribute, which lets you understand if your meal is cooked. This is mostly a smartphone-based technology, which may similarly be worked liberally with voice administration. You may work out the essential info regarding your range.

Wolf ranges but doesn’t use this technology around today. Hopefully, the business will soon allow users to utilize this feature in their Wolf ranges. Typically, Thermador fields are the better option if you’re searching for clever features.

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Ease of Cleaning

For your information, gasoline ranges from Wolf and Thermador manufacturers do not possess the self-cleaning choice, and that is why they are a little more challenging to clean than electric pieces. But, Thermador ranges have improved gas grills. Consequently, they’re somewhat less challenging to wash.

The ranges which have a self-cleaning selection are relatively straightforward to wash. Thermador ranges require 2.5 hours to wash all cooking places, such as cooktops and ovens. On the contrary, Wolf ranges require a little more time to wash in comparison to Thermador ranges.

Summary of Thermador Appliances

Thermador is a part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch. Did you know they’re the 3rd largest appliance maker in the world?

Founded in 1916 in California from William E. Cranston, it also started as a producer of electric things, especially mobile and built-in heaters.

In 1932, Thermador launched its appliance production as Cranston united with H.H. Fogwell to make the Thermador Electric Manufacturing Company.

In addition to Jenn-Air, Thermador has been the first American superior appliance firm.

Notable personalities like Julia Child utilized Thermador ovens in her critically acclaimed PBS TV series, also Alice from the Brady Bunch cooked with Thermador appliances.

Thermador 36-Inch Gas Cooktop SGSXP365TS – $2,399


  • 36-Inch 5-Burner Gas Cooktop
  • Patented Star® Burner’s unique five-point layout provides more ports and much more fire supply than a burner –
  • QuickClean Base® using a teardrop emboss reduces food buildup near the bottom and comprises liquid spills for quick cleaning –
  • Raised base burner Enables a sponge or hand to fit easily under each burner to wash the surface clean –
  • ExtraLow® Select burner using five exact settings is Ideal for simmering or holding foods and melting chocolate without scorching or burning –
  • The progressive illuminated light ring around every knob suggests burners in use.
  • Notice how small and big burner at the front is ideal for paying close attention to a boil or simmer. The most significant center burner is 15K BTUs.
  • Exclusive 200 BTU ExtraLow® burners for perfect simmering. The moderate burners at the bottom right and top left are 9,100 BTUs. Along with the tiniest will be 6K BTUs each.
  • It is possible to observe the screen of cooktops from the Framingham and Dorchester showrooms by clicking on the hyperlinks below for our virtual tours.

You Might Like About This Cooktop:

  • The surface grates provide a large usable area because they’re larger in locations where other cooktops are not.
  • Burner configuration lets three big pans be around precisely the same surface with no interference from one another.
  • Burners sit in their pedestal bases, which makes it less probable you’ll burn off food on the top from any spills that might occur.
  • The illuminated surface for those knobs provides this cooktop a superior feel and clearly shows which burner is currently in use.

You Might Not Like About This Cooktop:

  • The Extra-low burners maintain a 200 BTU output. Nevertheless, they cycle off and on (heading off and reigniting) and are only accessible on two of those five burners.
  • For many, the inconsistent warmth from biking might not be perfect for specific dishes.

Summary of Wolf Appliances

The Sub-Zero Freezer Company was set up in 1945 by Westie F. Bakke at Madison, Wisconsin.

For over 70 decades, Wolf has been synonymous with professional cooking equipment for restaurants and resorts.

In March of 2000, the business became a part of Sub-Zero and adapted for the severe in-home cook.

Sub-Zero/Wolf is currently the second-largest family-owned appliance firm after Miele.

Wolf 36-Inch Gas Cooktop CG365PS – $2,230


  • Patented Dual-Stacked Sealed Burners
  • Wolf’s dual-stacked burner layout, together with two tiers of fire vents, brings the fire closer to (or away from) the cooking vessel providing accurate warmth for the job at hand.
  • 18,000 BTU Burner
  • The most effective burner onto a Wolf gas cooktop ever.
  • Boil even big stock pots of water 25% quicker than with earlier versions.
  • Simmer and Melt
  • The lower grade of the Wolf dual-stacked burner provides a range of precision control to the merest breath of fire.
  • Capable of keeping the ultra-low BTUs, you have to melt cheese or chocolate.
  • Confidently keep homemade noodles and soups in the perfect simmer for hours.

You Might Like About This Cooktop:

  • Whether you’re cooking for your first time or the thousandth time, the range of high and meager output on those burners supply the best quantity of endurance and forgiveness for high and deficient heat.
  • You can select colored knobs from black, red, and stainless steel to better suit your decor and taste.

You Might Not Like This Cooktop:

  • When compared with this Thermador, you’ve got one big burner (though 3,000 BTU hotter), one moderate burner, and also three little burners.
  • Whereas the Wolf has just one large, two little, and two medium burners. Having three big pans with higher heat is not feasible using the burner design.

Which Should You Buy?

It depends on what you appreciate.

Concerning feel and looks, you might favor the Thermador. The newer BTU upgrades into the Wolf make it even more aggressive and more dependable.

Wolf’s burners are the most adaptable to anybody cooking for the first time or the hundredth time because of their constant low and high temp capacity.

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